Alright, everyone just use a condom and shut the fuck up

I read the BBQ Pit to hear some good old fashioned ranting and flaming and raving.

Now it has turned into a big fucking whining fest over safe sex.

So someone told you to use a condom. Big fucking deal. There are plenty of worse things people could say to you. People have told me to use condoms. I never said “Oh, why are you worrying about me? You should worrying about the gays!” That’s silly. Safe sex is important for everyone.

If you’re gay, use a fucking condom. If you’re straight, use a fucking condom.

Now everyone just shut the fuck up about this and go back to some quality flaming.

It’s called common sense. If you’re alive, in this day and age, you need to use “common sense”.

And if you don’t have common sense, then listen to us lecturers. We care about you. ALL of you.


But don’t assume promiscuity means a lack of common sense.

Nobody suggested that, Hastur. Those of us in glass houses are wont to throw stones.

WTF is this all about?


Neither do I assume that drug addiction means a lack of common sense. But I do assume it means a lack of good judgement.

This reminds me of the thread where some poor soul admitted to taking his child out of the carseat while his wife was driving, and became annoyed at all of us fellow drivers jumping in to tell him how unsafe that is.

It seems to me that if you admit to purposefully acting foolishly here, you’re in for a bit of an unprejudiced reminder from the board. IMHO, if you can’t take hearing that your actions are, as Blalron put it, lacking in good judgement, you shouldn’t be so cavalier about posting it here- go somewhere else. The SDMB is not the place for it.

…but I’m not having sex. What am I supposed to use the condom for?


I have absolutely no reason to use a condom, perhaps you should shut the fuck up, tramp.

Last time I heard, latex condoms were rated as 90% effective as contraceptives.

Given the relative probabilities of disease transmission vs. conception (do you need an explanation of all that must be in place and functioning for conception, vs, what is required for disease transmission?), it sounds like a condom is well less than ‘fail safe’.

just a thought…

Been doing that since day one, hon. :wink:

Blalrog: Thank you for clearing that up for us. I was waiting in suspense for your opinion to be given unto us. Om sala om.

90% is better than 0%, Chucklehead.

Well, nothing’s failsafe. However those figures are for a year of use, not “per use”, something which is always misleading.

It should also be noted that the studies have to contend with misuse: they frequently find that the breakage rates are skewed, with certain men reporting a much higher breakage rate than others. This is likely caused by misuse of the condom (attempting to put it on inside out, for example). A further problem is that often couples who claim to use a condom consistently in fact do not, and simply do not admit to this. The moral is obvious; the failure rate is considerably lower if you use the condom properly. It’s not difficult.

Sorry, but “use a condom” and “shut the fuck up” are obviously redundant. How am I supposed to talk with this condom on my head?

Hmm. Just out of curiosity, does anyone have any statistics/info about how effective condoms are if they DON’T BREAK? Am I correct in assuming that the 90% figure takes into account occasional breakage, and if the condom remains intact and on Mr. Happy it should be about 100% effective?

I don’t know anyone called Mr Happy; there’s a Mrs Love who lives down the road though; maybe she would do - should I put the condom on her?

Look, I’m just saying that those who are having sex should consider using a condom. Be that gay sex, pig sex or whatever. If you come in here shouting


don’t get your panties in a bunch because someone suggests that maybe a condom is a good idea.

Mangetout, you could try the female condom if you feel like having sex with a Glad Freezer Bag. Oh yeah, and you shut the fuck up too. :slight_smile:

You’re still missing the point a little tramp; your post was addressed to everyone who is having sex; tell me exactly why everyone who is having sex is subject to some sort of risk that would be lessened by the use of condoms.

Oh and condoms can have very undesirable side-effects in certain circumstances…