Confessions of a whoremonger

So, I live right outside of Baltimore, MD. Beautiful Charm City. Since August of 2012, I’ve been frequenting hookers. And not really many hookers. Just 1 in particular. I have lots of confessions, can answer any questions, and can clear up any misconceptions. Just ask away.

Do you think that you have inadvertently had sex with a person who was not the gender that he/she appeared? Do you think that the prostitutes you frequent were the victims of trafficking, or do you think that they were in their professn by their own free will?

Did you read on-line reviews before you chose one?

(Many of my questions about johns were answered by Chester Brown’s book Paying For It.)

Grumble. A whoremonger should be a pimp, not the guy who does the paying.

Stupid English language. I’m not a fishmonger if I buy a can of tuna.

So I guess my question is: did any of the prostitutes sell cockles and mussels during the day? Did she sell them dead or alive, alive-oh?

Serious question: how much does she/they charge?

Do you love her?

Is the sex any good?

Why stick to one girl, is the whole illegal thing relevant?

I for one never really understood Chester Brown type johns, although his novel is pretty good.

[Whoreman] "How’d you solve the icing problem? [/Whoreman]

[WhoreMonger] “Icing problem?” [/WhoreMonger]
[his condom begins to fail]

[Whoreman] “Might want to look into it…” [/Whoreman]

That poor Pepper. No Wonder she’s always so Pissed…! :wink:
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What’s her number?

“Paying For It” is not a novel, it’s non-fiction (as far as I know, anyways).

EDIT: Oh, maybe you meant “graphic novel”.

Yep, I know it’s autobiographical… I was referring to the format.:slight_smile:

No, never have inadvertently had sex with a person who was not the gender they appeared. They’ve all been 100% female. No I don’t think they are victims of trafficking. Now, on their own free will? That’s debatable. They’re slaves to different kind of master. The master is the drugs. Their addictions. The drugs are in control. The drugs are in the driver’s seat. The 1 I frequent, her name is Nicole. She’s addicted to both heroin and cocaine. I’m pretty sure going out and catching dates is the only way she can afford her habit. And I think prostitution is pretty much the only thing she really knows how to do. Like she’s been in the game so long, it’s the only thing she can do. Not to mention, criminal charges make it pretty hard to get a legal job. She has a boyfriend who also has a a cocaine and heroin habit and also a bit of a temper. I don’t think he’s forcing her out on the streets though. I thinks it’s just more that he’s really lazy and doesn’t want to do any sort of real job. She pretty much goes out and makes the drug money for both of them while he sits back and enjoys the free ride. But she definitely tells me how much she loves him. I think she feels safe with him, like he’s her protection. He rock. I’m sure she could get out of the profession and get some help if she really wanted to, but I think it just comes so easily and natural to her.

Um, I guess you could call them reviews. I don’t know if anyone if familiar with the website

It’s pretty much the ultimate guide to the prostitute world of every major city. You can get detailed maps of the loops to cruise to find the prostitute hots pots. Guys can write reviews about their dates, i.e name of prostitute, where they picked the prostitute up at, where they went for their date, the services that were rendered, how much it cost. Pictures and videos can be posted. I saw the live action pictures this one guy was posting of Nicole and I immediately took a fancy to her. He offered her digits freely to anyone on the boards. I asked him for her digits. He gave them to me. I called her, and our “relationship” took off from there.

Well, I’m not gonna lie. I’ve seen and read reviews about what these girls get paid. $20 for a BJ, plus maybe a $5 tip if it’s good, $40 for full service, plus maybe a $5 tip is normal street value. I feel that’s just way too low. I feel the girl I frequent, Nicole, is worth more than that. I feel like that’s kind of degrading to her and feel bad that guys would actually pay her that low. I usually pay her at least $100 a date,when I have it, whether it’s for a BJ or sex. Key word there is usually. I’ve been short of the hundred before. She’s done dates with me for $90, $80, $70, $60, $50, $40.

I’m not gonna lie. I do love Nicole. I’m in love with her. She’s the closest thing I’ve ever had to a real girlfriend. The sex is mind blowing and amazing.

Just today I read an interview with this character who was talking about a friend of his who would frequent the skankiest prostitutes pay the least for sex. All his friends razzed him about it, but he challenged them, asking “You know the difference between a $20 blowjob and a $100 one?” His friends, thinking it was a setup for a joke responded that they didn’t. He replied “$80.”

Not having ever paid for sex (but don’t we all, in one way or another, etc.), I think $20 BJ = she has very few teeth. Maybe that’s better? I hope you’re doing better, so speaking.

If you want to spend more, why don’t you just spend more time with her… showing her ‘worth’ with the way you treat her, instead of the cold cash. In that vain I should ask, where do you actually have the sex; is it charged by time or just until you’re finished.

Another question, do you notice her habits; has she ever been stoned during the ‘date’?

How old are you? What sort of job do you have? Are you in any kind of relationship other than this? Even looking for one? Are you open with your friends about this activity? How do they feel about it?

Just curious, thanks for being so open by the way!

Do prostitutes kiss their clients? I’ve always wondered that.

I’m not going to lie, I love the girl Nicole I’ve been seeing. I’m in love with her. I just feel like I have this great connection to her. This great bond to her. I feel comfortable with her. I like what she does. She does what she does really well. She just totally knows what I like and knows how to get me off.