CONFIRMED! Mr. T sighting! I pity da fool ...

I was watching the Blues/Panthers game on ESPN2. 2nd intermission, and a new commercial came on! Seems our Mr T is no longer in hiding, and is doing 1800 Collect commercials. I smell a comeback!
I’ve been away for a week, and this is the best I could do.

Well, I heard that there’s an A-Team movie in the works, so he needs to get back out there, I suppose…


Mr. T was on Conan O’Brien the other day. They went to an apple orchard. Best Conan ever.


Mr. T lives in my hometown. (well, not really my hometown - the town where my parents live right now, and the town I lived in before I went to college, but whatever)

He bought a really big house (in a town of a lot of really big houses) and cut down all the trees and everyone got mad.

I think he sold it and moved away and this other family bought it and are planning to restore all the trees, but I might be thinking of another house.

I lived in that town for four years and I never saw him, although it was rumored that his kid went to the highschool. There were no kids with the last name “T,” though.

Ahh…The T-ster. We watched one of his finest works in the store the other night, “Toughest Man on Earth.” In it, he proves he is indeed the toughest man on Earth by beating up large groups of men. But he works with disadvanged kids, which proves even the toughest guys can be kind. It was cinema gold.

Frankly, I don’t know why he ever went away. That man has kitch coming out of his mohawk.

I saw that episode of Conan O’Brien and I also agree, it was the funniest damned thing I have ever seen.

An A-Team movie would be great if they went back to running from the government instead of working for them! :mad: That ruined the whole series.
Either than that, I’d be an enjoyable movie, just as long as it doesn’t end in some cheesy way, like everyone posing and flesxing their muscles and smiling, like some horrible movies before. coughcoughstreetfightercough.

Another sign Mr. T is on the comeback trail:

Well, Mr. T was recently the star of the Oregon Lottery’s Powerball TV show commercial.

What I bet you didn’t know, though, is that The T is also the Toughest Man in Anime. No, really! It’s true!

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He was on some local car dealership commercial that ran on our cable system for the past 3 or 4 months (Atlanta area). Or was it a loan company? I can’t remmber. Some low budget thing.

I heard that he had some pretty serious illness, and that he was near broke. Can anyone confirm this?

i heard the same thing - that is why he sold his house, or something. maybe some kind of cancer?

but if he is all of a sudden popping up in car commercials, maybe everything worked out. or is working out.

I like Mr. T. Every year, my friends throw a big ole party for his birthday. We break out the Mr. T masks, the Mr. T cereal, the Mr T. educational tapes on how to stay away from drugs and be cool, the break dancers, the Mr. T posters, and of course all other things T related. It’s a big fun bash.

The Mr T. cereal?

I pity da fool that eats me!

Isn’t the cereal a LITTLE stale by now? They haven’t made that for years!

Unfortunately we don’t eat it.

Oldscratch, please tell me you have heard the “Mr T’s Commandments” 7" record. You NEED this for your next Mr T party.

Of course. Who hasn’t?

My friend and I spotted him in downtown Chicago traffic two years ago. We saw him at the same time and yelled (to each other) “That’s Mr. T!”

I was a bit disappointed that will all the filming going on at the time downtown (it seemed like every other street was blocked off for movie filming), Mr. T was my biggest start sighting, but- such is life!


Frightening, the stuff that sticks in my head…

Back in '98 or so, Mr. T underwent chemotherapy for a form of lymphoma. Apparently the treatments have been successful.

If it’s the same ad I saw here in Philly, it was for the noble, entirely legitimate business of title loans. :rolleyes:

I know one of the earlier Weird Earl’s had a “T-inator” that if you put in a certain website, it would change the text to sound like what Mr. T would say. I checked out the site and it had a little biography that mentioned he wasn’t doing so well. But, in the commercial I saw, he looked pretty good.

Falc did he shave off the mohawk? I forgot to look! Say it ain’t so?!?