Confusing Time Capsules

I almost posted this to the time capsule thread, but didn’t want to change the subject. Anyway, here it is:

If we made a time capsule now, for 1000 (or whatever) years later, what things would be misinterpreted, and how?

For example:

"We are all familiar, of course, with the War of the Golden Arches. McDonaldLand, flying under the banner of the Golden Arches, suffered severe casualties in this war. Over 5 billion served their country in this war. Few returned. Their saving grace in this war was The Big Mac, a weapon of indisputable power. Much has been conjectured as to the nature of this weapon, particularly as to what is enigmatically referred to as ‘The Special Sauce’. One can only surmise that this must have been some petroleum derivative similar to napalm, a gelatinous substance, extremely volatile, destroying anything in its path.

"Evidently, King Burger’s (first name unkown) dominion, another power around the turn of the 2nd millennium, had formidable weapons of his own–notably “The Whopper”, of which even less is known than the Big Mac.

“During this period of severe discord, numerous gang leaders developed large underground factions, devoted to overthrowing those already in power–most notably ‘Pizza the Hut’, and one individual referred to only as ‘Papa John’.”

Anyway, you get the idea…