Congratulate me: I came in 4th

I know that no one can possibly care about this but I am so excited, I am compelled to share. I happen to own a horse by the name of Hello Again, and today we went to our first competition of the year. For those in the know, it was a Combined Test, and I did Intro Dressage Test 1 and a 2 ft stadium round. We came in 4th! of 18! I’ve put a lot of hours of blood, sweat and tears into Holly and am feeling great about the progress we’ve made. I’m really beside myself with excitment.

bounces up and down

Congratulations! Dressage is cool.

Thanks WL. I bought this horse from a hunter barn and 12 months ago she would NOT go forward if there was the sightest contact on the rein. Today she scored mostly 6s and a few 7s!

Congratulations! That sounds like a great improvenment in her - kep up the good work and you’ll be wearing #1 in no time :slight_smile:

I know nothing about horses, but I do know you, so I’ll congratulate you! Nice job! :smiley:

Congrats…but while I can appreciate the sweat and tears, I’m a bit worried about the blood!

How cool! :slight_smile:

I did a little eventing as a teen, and would love to get back into it again some day, but for now I’ll just enjoy reading about your success! Many congrats to you and Holly!

WooHooo! That’s wonderful!

Now, how is Holly’s fungus?

4th of 18 is a very respectable 77%
Good job.

I don’t know you, and I don’t know dressage, but I do know competition. You and your horse both done good, and I’m proud of both of you:)

Congrats!!! I know just enough to know what an accomplishement that is. Give Hello Again a pat on the nose from me.

I think I know someone you competed against. Can I brag that I know you?

Cranky’s Fungus update: mostly cleared up, thanks for asking :slight_smile:

Brynda, you may feel free to drop my name with impunity.

tygre you should totaly get back to it. Nowadays they have “starter” events for people just starting out at a lot of horse trials.

kambuckta ok, not THAT much blood. LOL. But quite a few tears. Holly is a bit… “opinionated” shall we say?

Holly earned extra peppermints and day off!