Congratulations Russia!

Looks like you are close to succeeding in securing Assad’s place on the throne, by killing the kids of the last few million Syrians not under his thumb (plus a not insignificant portion of the parents as well, of course). Excellent work, killing, gassing, blowing up refugees, ending the last vestiges of anything Arab Spring might have brought us. You made the world safe for… well, something, I’m sure! Sociopath prison guard job-security maybe? Fuck you.

Well…I sorta agree with the sentiment. Sorta. This is likely going to be a spectacular bloodbath of civilians and refugees caught in the cross-fire. Just a fucking clusterfuck.

That said I don’t know if I can shed any tears for most of the Syrian rebels, many of whom suck as bad or [worse](Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham) than the shitty Assad government and their nasty backers in Iran and Russia.

The question now, of course, is whether Russia and Iran are capable of ruling the country together (and don’t go saying that Baby Assad is anything other than a figurehead - the man hasn’t had any real power since at least 2014.)