Congratulations to Lance Armstrong

Beating back cancer and going on to be a world class cyclist (possibly the most grueling sport in the world) is a big deal. Beating back cancer and winning a Tour de France is a huge. Beating back cancer and going on to win SIX Tours is just ridiculous.

I don’t think that very many athletes really deserve to be called “inspiring” or held up as heros. Lance Armstrong is inspiring.

Way to go, Lance. When I read about you, I realize how lame my own BS excuses are for not getting things done. Thanks for the kick in the ass, and eff the naysayers.


I forgot the link.
Armstrong Wins Record Sixth Tour de France

And a “phooey on you” to those stupid specatators who spit on him.

He has said that he is calling it a day after six T de F. I can’t help thinking it would be very sportsmanlike to do one more with US Postal but this time as a support rider. Imagine how you’d feel with a 6*champion as your wing-man.

Anyway, back to the OP. Absolutely fantastic. And inspiring.

I agree. This man is very inspiring. Awesome. Congratulations Lance Armstrong!

According to this article,
It says that he intends to race again, though he might not participate in the 2005 TdeF.

Also, this is the last year of the U.S. Postal Service’s sponsorship of the team. Next year, the Discovery Channel will be their primary sponsor. I imagine that Lance Armstrong’s presence on the team would have been the major draw in attracting a new sponsor. Even if this is indeed his last year, he’s undoubtedly had a hand in landing new sponsorship that will keep the team funded and competing for the next three years, at the least. This article was posted before this year’s Tour, but it says that Lance will race next year. So, it looks like things are still up in the air at this point.