Who (or what) is Lance Armstrong?

Is he from Earth? :wink:
I’ve only seen him on those car commercials, drug company commercials, and in passing in interviews. so I don’t know much about him, but he’s the toughest looking person I’ve ever seen. On tv, that is.
Is there a good biography anybody can reccommend? Or do any of you know him personally?
I should add that I’m not really a sports fan.

He trained in Santa Barbara for years and I know a couple of people who know him well. I’ve never met him though. He’s said to be a nice but serious guy.

His autobiography written after his first win is excellent.



Basically, he’s the Michael Jordan of cycling. And that’s after battling testicular cancer and having a testicle removed.

If cycling was as popular as basketball, you wouldn’t need to ask, even if you don’t follow sports… he’s that good.


They’re pulling your leg, man.

He’s Neil Armstrong’s cousin, and CIO of Citicorp.

Laaance. Lance is the man.

I would recommend reading It’s Not About The Bike for some good background. His newest book Every Second Counts is also good, but you’ll want to read INATB first. It’s a fast, fascinating read, whether you’re into European road cycling, or not. It’ll give you a high-level description of what it is to be a competitive road cyclist, and how it is to race. He also talks in depth about his struggles growing up in Texas with a single mother, and overcame all kinds of adversity. It’ll make you want to do something with your life, if you haven’t already.

Indeed, Lance overcame testicular cancer, but that barely begins to describe his battle with the disease. The tumors had spread all through his lungs, as well as into his brain. His prognosis was very poor, and had a very small chance of survival.

He then came back from the brink of death, only to improve his cycling form, and win 5 Tours de France in a row. This is an amazing feat, only matched by one other rider in the race’s 100 year history. It helps to understand what the TdF is to understand how incredible this is. I’m guessing that if you don’t know Armstrong, you don’t realize that the TdF is a 21 day stage race, over 3000km long, through both flat terrain, and mountain stages. No other cancer survivor has ever won the Tour, either. He’s history in the making.

Lance has also gone on to be a great champion for cancer survivorship. He founded the Lance Armstrong Foundation, which raises money for research and support, and hosts a charity ride every year. He is a member of GW Bush’s cancer advisory panel, and takes his duty as a cancer survivor very seriously.

He’s an outstanding athlete, and a passionate man, who refuses to waste a moment of his life.

Go ahead. Ask me more. I could talk all night.


Lance is so good that all the other racers are planning to get a testicle removed…even the women!

That’s true. :wink:

Robin Williams is a friend of Lance’s. Sometimes, he calls him the uniballer.

So funny.

You can always check out http://lancearmstrong.com/ for more infomation.

Lance Armstrong is an absolute inspiration, and, by all accounts, a decent bloke.

He ain’t Miguel Indurain, though. Now THAT’S a cyclist.

Incidentally, ** elephant shoes **, I’m sure a couple of other riders have won the tour five times (Indurain and Eddy Mercx amongst them, I’m sure), but I’m too damn lazy to find out. If Armstrong wins it a SIXTH time, he’ll be in a league of his own. But given that the Tour is all that he and his team train for (or am I mistaken?), I’d be amazed if he didn’t win it again.

If you want to see a mean looking Lance, he’s here

Yikes. Do his arms have bones and muscles in them, or are they just solid tendon?

Lola, I think elephant shoes was talking about consecutive wins not overall wins.

I could be wrong though.

Grace, you’re absolutley correct. I am a fool and a bad man.

And I can’t spell “absolutely”. Am now off to shoot myself, though I’ll probably bollocks (sorry Lance) that up also.

Not to mention the illegitimate son of Stretch Armstrong.

For the record, five riders have won five Tours: Jacques Anquetil, Eddy Merckx, Bernard Hinault, Miguel Indurain and Lance Armstrong. Only Indurain and Armstrong have won five consecutive races.

Here’s a chronological list of winners.

Although immediately after this year’s race, many people tipped Armstrong to win his sixth next year, the route for the 2004 Tour will make it especially hard.

He also may be the boyfriend of Sandra Bullock, if certain scandal sheets are to be believed.

Thanks for clearing that up, Everton. I was, indeed, talking about 5 consecutive wins. Which only Miguel Indurain and Armstrong have achieved.

I certainly didn’t intend to take anything away from Anquetil, Hinault or - the ultimate cyclist, Eddy Merckx. I was trying to make it easy for mangeorge.

Lance has denied the rumours about Sandra Bullock, but I’m not so sure. We’ll see. He’s got a divorce, his children, and NUMBER SIX to worry about. Who needs a new girlfriend, with so many other things to contend with? And besides, he said he’d wait for ME. :wink: