Congratulations to Milossarian and The Furious Furies

Milossarian and his Furious Furies are the 2001-2002 Straight Dope Yahoo! Fantasy Hockey Champions!

Yours truly (Bebop Slapshot) managed a humble third place finish.

Now it is time for the real playoffs to begin and the Kings to kick some butt!

Congrats Milo.

You made some very shrewd moves to get some of those players.

I’m still kicking myself for dumping Comrie and Housley.

For next year…

Does anyone else agree that a roto league would be better than a “head-to-head” league?

Although it was interesting, I think I prefer the roto format.

Congrats to the Rockville Crows too for taking the last playoff spot all the way to the finals.

And… After Milo beat my team, I thought I was out and I didn’t realize there were more games to play, sorry to Tretiak for not fielding a team in the last week. (I wudda kicked yo butt!)

Wudda, cudda, shudda…

Now, if I can only remove Milo from the top rung of the Baseball league, but that is starting to become increasingly difficult…

Oh - Pssst - btw

It’s Flurries not Furies, but I prefer the latter name.