Oh, Milo......

Well, Milossarian made a booboo. Seems he thought the Detroit Lions would actually BEAT the Minnesota Vikings. So I made a bet with him. And well, I won. So watch this space…I’ll be back with his sig line soon.

laughs evilly I TOLD you the Vikings would win!!!

I knew the Vikes would win, too, but I bet you were sweating just a little bit during the fourth quarter.

Can’t wait to see the new sig.

Wait a minute … weren’t we betting the point spread? The Lions were getting 9! I won!

It was worth a try.

Um, Milo? NO CHANCE. smiles sweetly

And here’s your fun fun FUN sig. Enjoy.

“Super Bowl??? Pffffft! Overrated. Only Lions fans know the true joy of a yearly loss in the first round of the playoffs!”


I would have been much crueler to you.

Yeah, Falc - next time I’m rooting for Milo. :smiley:


Have you gone soft? Or, wait, could it be you have hidden sympathies for the motor city madmen? I am schocked.

In football, this may be true, in the world of hockey, allow me to direct your attention to the aptly named St Louis Blues. :frowning:

Except…the Blues made it to the Stanley Cup Finals THREE YEARS IN A ROW (1968-1970).

(Hey, I didn’t say it was recently)

[sub]I also probably should not mention that they were swept each time[/sub]

DRY, thanks for informing me how close the blues have gotten to the Cup. How could you know that the latest of those years is still a year before my parents married and 3 years before I’m born. What’s the streak now? 21 or 22 consecutive years of the Blues making the playoffs only to be knocked out. It’s one thing if they just suck every year, but they always make the playoffs! They always give us hope just to choke! Last year they won the President’s Cup and got knocked out in the first round*. The bastards.

your crying over the blues? give me a break – Die hard avs fans have had heart break three years in a row now…