Connecting to the internet through a PDA cradle. How?

Someone said it is possible to use the computer’s internet connection via the cradle/ activesync software. I can’t remember who or where.

Is it possible? If so, how?

It’s a HP ipaq H2210.
Would it be possible (the same procedure even) to do it via bluetooth if I had a bluetooth adapter for the PC?

You may want to consider this product. I haven’t used it myself, but a quick search didn’t reveal anything else.

You should have a passthrough connecton whenever you are cradled. That is, if the PC has a valid internet connection, the PDA does.

As for bluetooth – It is just short-range wireless. Just something that the PDA can get a signal from (ethernet to bluetooth converter comes to mind), and you will be set.

My apologies for not reading the OP correctly. My suggestion was assuming you had a Palm OS device which is obviously not the case here.

There should be an option in ActiveSync called PassThrough that allows you to do that. Supported only on Pocket PC 2002 and 2003.

Open ActiveSync on your PC, go to Tools / Options / Rules.

The bottom section labeled “Pass Through” lets you choose different Connections. Changing this to “The Internet” and use the Internet via the cradle/PC.

There’s also Mocha W32 PPP, which works on Pocket PC devices:

Here is another hack to make it work:

And here’s a solution to do it with Bluetooth:

“Get a bluetooth USB connected to your PC. Set your iPAQ to pair your PC bluetooth and configure it as Active Sync partner. Once connected, it is like having our iPAQ plug on a wireless cradle but limited to 10meter or less depending on room environment.”

Brilliant! Thanks xash. I am typing/posting this from the PDA!

Not that it’s very practical at the moment (there’s a perfectly good keyboard and computer right in front of me)