Handhelds with Internet service

I’m looking for a handheld device where I can trade stocks and recieve streaming level II quotes. Does such a device even exist? Iwas just at a mall and someone selling Treo 600 smartphones told me that one of these would work. Is that true? If not, what else can I get?

We had the Audivox Thera (should be the american equivilent) that has internet capability. Basically it has a mini-internet explorer.

I have the non-internet cabable one and it can log into my bank just fine (it has full encryption).

I don’t know about the smart phones or the Kyrocera 6035/7035. Palm OS should be similar though.

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The Treo 600 does indeed browse the web on Sprint’s 3G network. But, it’s blazes at the speek of a 14.4k modem and doesn’t work when roaming off the network.


I believe thaqt most of the recent PDAs can do that. If you get one with a phone built in, you can use your phone minutes to connect to the internet, where you can check stock prices. Also, I’ve seen this done with PDAs that have Bluetooth that can connect to a Bluetooth phone to access the internet similar.

Also, some PDAs can have a WiFi card that allows you to access the internet at any WiFi hotspot, such as at Starbucks or some McDonald’s.

A coworker just got the latest HP iPaq that runs Pocket PC. It can connect to a mobile phone via Bluetooth or IR, and has 802.11b for wi-fi access.

The Palm Tungsten C not only has a 400mhz processor but it has high speed wireless connectivity. It kicketh ass. It kicketh your wallet even harder :frowning:

Palm comparison chart