Connie Chung "sings" "Thanks for the Memories". What is worse than that?

I’m not sure if it’s supposed to be as bad as it is. But, if you didn’t see this send off to the short lived Connie Chung/Maury Povich abomination, you need to. Here’s a clip. This is right up there with the works of Mrs. Miller.

I don’t even like Connie Chung, yet this makes me feel embarrassed for her. Maybe she was drunk?

Her almost falling on her ass in the process?

Connie Chung worked for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and MSNBC. Early in her career she was a hard-working, respected journalist. Somewhere along the line, something went terribly, terribly wrong.

As for her swan song, it ranks right up there with Roseanne singing The Star Spangled Banner. I will say that Connie Chung in her evening gown looked better than Roseanne in jeans.

I believe she’s claiming now that it was intentionally bad. That’s what I’d say too.

She’s still super-hot, though.


She’s done this before, she has no pretentions of being a good, or even a passable singer, she’s making fun of herself, a light-hearted way to end a run. She sang (badly) to Dan Rather and Barbara Walters, it was just as bad. She knows what she sounds like.

It’s a joke.

It wasn’t funny.

I never said it was a good joke.

Yep, can’t imagine Walter Kronkite, Dan Rather, Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw, Christiane Amanpour or Jane Pauley considering, much less doing, anything remotely similar for their swansong. Not even Barbara Walters, despite those blech celebrity interview specials she periodically does.

Katie Couric, maybe.

Well she did marry Satan (aka Maury Povich)

That was also agonizingly long. Ugh.

It couldn’t be as bad as William Shatner doing “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds”.

what is worse than that; hmmmm …

I would say that the bit where Linda McCartney sings backup on Hey Jude - that is still the champion. Beware!

It’s obviously a joke, but it might have been funnier if Povich had done it.

It reminds me of Colin Powell singing El Paso when he was in Vietnam. This kind of intentionally goofy thing doesn’t do nearly as much for me as the people who try to make good songs and are no better Ms. Chung.

Why can’t I hear the piano? Is the guy even playing it?

C’mon, everybody knows Jews love to eat Chinese.

The worst, most unintentionally hilarious rendition of a perfectly good song can be found here by scrolling down a bit, under the fellow’s picture, and clicking on “O Holy Night.”
It starts slow but…just trust me. It’s worth it.

Shatner’s version of Elton John’s Rocketman?

Click (Youtube)

I think this isn’t the broadcast audio feed, or they didn’t pick up the audio from the piano on the mikes. With just the vocals, it emphasizes just how bad her singing is.

No, he is definitely not playing it. I think it’s just part of the “joke”… that this goofy lounge-lizardy guy has a big dumb grin on his face while he pretends to play. You can clearly see he’s not even pushing the keys down.