Connie Chung "sings" "Thanks for the Memories". What is worse than that?

ahem It’s “Thanks for the Memory” - not plural.

That is all. Please continue mocking Ms. Chung at will.

And yes, that was a Chunnilingus joke.

[Misc. NASA Director] My God. We’ve been beaten by, A Connie Chung Christmas!? [MAD]

The reminds me of when Maury Povich was on the old Daily Show with Craig Kilborn. One of the “5 questions” was “What are you gonna do to have fun tonight?”.

Without missing a beat, he said, “What I do every night–Wang Chung!”

“That is correct!

I think “Connielingus” flows better.

Bob Hope in a dress?

Good form, sir. Good form.

Connoisseurs of the bizarre and vile in celebrity vocals will no doubt want to own this CD.

And if the thought of Jack Webb (Sgt. Joe Friday of Dragnet fame) singing “Try A Little Tenderness” leaves you begging for more, don’t miss out on this collection. :eek:

Ms. Chung will attempt to explain herself tonight on Countdown with Keith Olberman

I’ve tried to watch that about fifteen times, and I can’t do it. I get about as far as “I’m gonna be…hiiiigh…” and the fight-or-flight instinct kicks in. Certain muscles in my face twitch uncontrollably, my teeth clench, and I’m forced to choose between closing the window immediately, or putting my fist throught he monitor. I may have to be baked out of my mind myself to view this clip in its entirety.

Hey, it’s just someone having a little fun. Don’t get bent out of shape over it. Actually the first part of the song isn’t all that bad considering. (A week of voice coaching and she could even make American Idol!)

She isn’t taking it seriously and neither should you.

How long have you been on the internet, exactly?

You’re nothing if you aren’t outraged about something while safe behind the veil of anonymity.

And Connie Chung makes me angry.

I took one for the team, man. And I’m a better person for it, I tell ya. What doesn’t kill you, and all that…

Actually, my only salvation was the constant thought of Stewie doing the same thing when they spoofed it on Family Guy.

I thought it was pretty obvious that it was tongue-in-cheek. I agree, however, that it was way too long.

Are you sure the Linda McCartney clip is legit? I’m wondering why all the other music is muted…? And I must say Sir Paul does great in the background.

I saw the bit on Countdown with Keith Olberman where he interviewed her about it. If you notice, the piano player isn’t actually playing while she’s singing. Her explanation was that she’s so out of tune that actual music would throw her off. So given that, you have to admire her performance. (BTW, she explained that she did the show because her niece is the executive producer of the Countdown show.)

Didn’t she stop being a legitimate journalist right around the time she married Maury Povich? It must be catching.

Knock Maury all you want, but I heard he might be doing a show soon in which he tests guys DNA to determine the paternity of some really unlucky kids who will come out huge losers no matter what the result. Wow! The man is full of ideas.

I am almost certain the Linda McCartney clip is legit: it’s been making the rounds of the bootleg circuit for a long time, since before digital editing was common.

Also, after Howard Stern played it on his show, he claimed that he had to stop playing it when he received a cease and desist order from the McCartneys’ lawyers.

The tape was purportedly made from Linda’s vocal mic by an engineer who normally turned her mic way down in the mix, but on this night surreptitiously fed the mic to a recorder. Which would explain why the other music is so quiet compared to her voice.

Actually one time (I caught this and had to watch - it was so trainwreckable), they ran the paternity test for a baby whose mother had cheated on her boyfriend with … his identical twin brother.
All of them were desperate to find out which was the real father - and none of them could see the flaw in the plan (or at least, that’s how they acted).

I remember when that was first posted here. I lost the link, thanks for posting it again!
I was thinking that would be a good link to post.