Conservative heads explode when President stands under image of communist mass murderer

Oh my bad, wrong picture.

Did you want maybe this one?

Or they could be making reference to this one bit that would be wrong, that would be an image of a proper former enemy.

Really, let them post great big pictures and monumental statues of their “revolutionary icons”. Then have Marriott open resorts and Nike set up shoe factories. You can’t eat revolutionary icons.

This a thousand times over. Let them “save face” and claim they won. We’ll own the island inside of 50 years.*

  • Which might or might not end up being an overall good thing for the Cuban people, but I honestly think it’s somewhat inevitable if they open the island to capital investment from the US. I think in the long run they’ll trade current issues for new ones. TAANSTAFL.

This post should win a prize.
(You coulda had a Rickroll in there and I wouldn’t have more blindly fallen for it.)

I like Obama, and i think the conservative frothing over this issue is just another incident in a long line of idiocy.

I did find this amusing, though.

That’ll be 3 years in re-education camp for you!!

They’re convinced one trip to Cuba will turn the US communist. Nevermind the decades of engaging with the USSR, China, and Vietnam that somehow didn’t seem to rub off.

No No you see “only Nixon could go to China” because GOP members wear magic underwear that protects them from communist mind control rays. We must protect our precious bodily fluids, won’t someone think of the children?

Not the other way around, which is closer to reality?

Shoulda made it a state when we had the chance. I blame TR.

Ehh…It’d just be another agrarian/commodity state sucking up more federal dollars than it pays out - a GOP-leaning welfare state. Got plenty of those, don’t need any more.

And it’s cheaper this way.

The United States should act fast to introduce the glamour of Yankee culture — striking while the iron’s hot and they’re helpless .
Knocking down Old Havana and replacing with concrete n’ glass; moving in the expatriate Cuban community with plenty of money; building vast American owned casinos with high-toned operatives from Atlantic City and Las Vegas with plenty of shoe-shining jobs; and buying the complete sugar industry will expose the fraudulence of the Revolution.

Meh. That’s not scary.

Scary is when you have to take out your own student loans to pay for it.

And don’t forget bringing the Cuban Superman out of retirement!

That may be their point . . . that it DID rub off.

And yet I was so surprised that Trump had supporters. You believe that something like this means anything, you’ll take what any frothing maniac tells you.

Trump is the human embodiment of these crazy Facebook posts.

Credit where it’s due, I suppose.

I hope Ayatollah “Che” Obama stays in Cuba. Biden can join him.

Put Paul Ryan in charge until Trump takes over next January.

Right, no need to consent to the will of the governed. That’s how the GOP rolls.


Ayatollah “Che” Obama is saying that the United States should follow the murderous commie dictators for the record on human rights. Obama is literally saying that the US government should be executing children for political crimes just like “human rights” leader Earnesto “Che” Guvera and the thug dictators the commie castros.

Murder and thuggery. That’s how the commie dems roll.