Generally speaking, how considerate are you of others?

It depends which “others” you’re referring to. Strangers get the benefit of the doubt, but known bastards don’t get much consideration from me.

I’m just starting to realize that I am too considerate. I always seem to put the happiness of others before my own and do whatever I need to do to have people like me.

I guess that’s more of being a doormat though.

I went for somewhat. I do consider others. Sometimes, following my consideration, I choose to put myself first. Other times, I choose to put the other party first. A lot goes into that consideration - not just the immediate situation, but the history of past situations, who was put first, what the outcome was, etc.

I used to be a bit of a doormat until I realised that others wouldn’t respect me unless I demonstrated that I respected myself. I had to fake it for a while, but I have developed a lot of respect for myself and it’s made a big difference to life.

There are other people out there?

I’m too considerate, really. One of the reasons I don’t go out much is because it is so tiring to be constantly trying not to inconvenience anyone.

I suppose I’d have to classify myself as reasonably considerate of others, despite my best efforts NOT to be.
It can be an annoying habit, really. :dubious:

I was a doormat for a very long time. I’m still a partial doormat to two family members, although I’m working on it. Everyone else in my family can fuck right off. I’m more considerate of strangers than them.

I voted for very. I’d like to think so, anyway. I used to be a doormat, now I try to stand up for my own needs first without being inconsiderate of others. It’s easier than I thought.

I make an effort to be very considerate because I appreciate it when others are considerate. I want to make other people as happy as it makes me.

Exactly. I let people merge in front of me in traffic because I appreciate when they let me merge in front of them. Common courtesy. I’m buying a buttload of junk at the grocery store and the guy behind me has two things: “Hey, why’nt you go ahead of me?” People are STUNNED when I do that. I don’t believe in one specific deity, but I believe in karma/what comes around goes around.

However I couldn’t decide who I wanted to punch more at the grocery store yesterday. The woman who was painstakingly writing a check for her crap, or the cashier who insisted, because she wrote the check for 1 cent (ONE CENT) less than the amount that she completely re-write the entire check. Never mind. It’s the cashier needing the boot to the head because the woman actually said “Seriously? I can GIVE you a cent!” One cent! There is a special place in hell for that guy.

I’m very considerate both because I like to treat others as I want them to treat me, and because it’s just usually easier to be considerate.

I can be a right twit, though, when people jerk me around. Like when I’m in a line of cars and somebody drives up alongside and tries to force in, I will do everything short of actually hitting them to make sure they’re unable to do so, unless I look over and see something that indicates obvious distress. But some young guy just trying to be a dick? You can wait, buddy, like the rest of us.