"Contact me via e-mail."

I asked a question in GD which promptly dropped into the back pages like a stone. I’ll admit it wasn’t really a subject of much general interest, but I really did want to learn a bit about it.

It got two very helpful responses anyway, so I’m not totally disappointed, and I could just let it drop and do my own danged research.

One of those gracious posters is a fellow named notquitekarpov, and he also offered the following:

Should I? I greatly appreciate the offer and would like to follow up on the topic, but it seems like an awful imposition.

Why shouldn’t you? He told you that you could email him, and most people here seems to like sharing knowledge and experience, so I don’t think it’s a problem.

I guess you’re right.

I just felt it was a bit presumptuous of me to e-mail someone I don’t know personally with an information request. “Thanks for your response in the thread, but it wasn’t enough, so pony up the info, bub.”

Still, he did offer.

Thanks. I’ll fire off an extremely polite e-mail when I get home.

I haven’t been on this board for very long, but doesn’t it have “messenger” capabilities?
Can’t you just messenger someone?

No, they turned off the private messaging feature. Those bastards! :wink:

Not on this board, little lighthouse. The PM functionality was turned off.

Any reason why??

I do invite people to e-mail me if they’d need to or like to, and I do mean it. I’ve met some particularly interesting Dopers through e-mail, and I haven’t regretted adding that line to a post yet.


I’d imagine it’s because the poor hamsters are pooped enough with the threads. Having to handle a few million flirts (and possibly flames) via IM would probably cause 'em to croak. (And the flame IMs probably wouldn’t be fun either, come to think of it.)

Whether I say “Drop me an email” or someone does it of their own volition, I not only don’t mind - I get a little thrill! Not that people come to me for any kind of expertise, but I’ve gotten some very sweet notes about something I said in a thread or sometimes just to say hi.

The way I look at it, if a person doesn’t want to be contacted, it’s simply a matter of not making an email address available. As for me - drop me a line any time!

Note to self:

E-mail FairyChatMom ASAP.

She’s a nice lady.

And a belated thank you to GloriaMundi for getting me off my bitt.


notquitekarpov’s e-mail is disabled. Now he’s gonna’ think that I’m not really interested, even though I am, and there’s nobody else on this board who cares about my question in in the first place.

I’m screwed.

Maybe I’ll e-mail FCM and beg her to make me a virtual cup of cocoa.

No…you could start stalking him around the boards, posting to every thread he does. :wink:
Or you could try bumping the original up with a comment like "I’d like to get more information from you, NQK, but your e-mail isn’t available. Thanks.

From his count, he doesn’t post much.

I would have bumped it, but I thought that wasn’t allowed. It’s pretty far down.

At this point, if I have to go to ATMB for a ruling, I’m going to be annoyed.

What was the original question, anyway? Now, I’m all curious. Or something.

You tease! I just checked my mail and there’s nothing from you. Just like the rest of the men in my cyber-life - all talk…


I didn’t link to it because I was concerned about the “bumping” thing, and the content wasn’t relevant to my question here.

It was just a boring inquiry into the Georgian Royal Navy and something called the “Fighting Instructions.”

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Thread closed at the request of the OP.