Is it possible to ignore someone......

…on this message board. Maybe I am just being paranoid, but several times I have directed questions at a member during a thread and received no answer. I realize, that they might not know the answer or that they actually might even not check that thread again, but it makes me wonder if perhaps I am in violation of some rule here?


There’s no technological way of ignoring someone, like mIRC has, if that’s what you mean. I guess the problem really is you. :smiley:

Coldfire, is there a reason the first post in this thread is blank?

No vB-technological one, Czar.
But if I’m not mistaken, you’re running QuasiBlock 2.5, right?

Okay. Well thanks for your “answers”. I can take a joke as well as the next guy, but you didn’t answer the part about whether asking a question during a thread is okay or not. I believe it might be called a “hijack”? Is it called that even if it relates to the subject matter? This is where you ask questions of this sort and get a direct answer, is it not?


You certainly haven’t violated any rule.
That’s exactly how it’s done.

The longer the thread, and the older the thread, the less likely you are to be noticed. Some threads just don’t lend themselves to repeat visits, especially at the IMHO forum.

If they don’t have an email showing, but you REALLY want to reach them, like if they have the missing half to your magic amulet, then you can email a mod to forward a message.

But your best bet is to search for another thread where they were the OP (Original Poster). People have a fondness for checking back on theads they’ve started.

Also, as to your last point, this forum isn’t a sure bet for a “direct answer”.
If you want a direct answer, you might have to ask twice, as you just did, or you might email the mod for a particular forum.

There is no rule against asking a specific poster a question. And, as you have learned, there is no rule that said poster has to answer back.

Unless you are asking an extremely pointed question. One that may be conscrued as insulting. That question should be asked in The Pit.

The SDMB is not a good place for the paranoid. :smiley:

QM, the main trouble with asking someone a question in a thread is that he may never happen to come back to the thread, especially if it’s in GQ or IMHO. In those forums, we tend to post our answers and then move on. He’s not ignoring you, he just didn’t get your message.

And this actually holds true for all the forums. We can’t read all the threads all the time.

If you really want an answer to a question in a thread, you can use e-mail, or you can start a “Hey, So-and-so!” thread in MPSIMS, although that, too, has no guarantee that (a) he’ll even see it and (b) he’ll feel like answering.

And you’re perfectly entitled to put a personal message as a hijack into a thread, as long as it’s clearly labeled as a hijack. But if he doesn’t answer you, please don’t keep hammering away at it. Go to e-mail or something.

What DDG is saying is that she doesn’t mind that. :wink:

People react differently to these things. A hijack is fine in an MPSIMS thread, I’d say, and is usually not met with great resistance there. But I wouldn’t advise you to break up a Great Debate to ask David B how that nasty skin rash is coming along (hypothetically, of course). Sometimes, the OP will get annoyed and ask you to take your business elsewhere.

Of course, asking questions that relate to the OP is always permitted. There’s never a full guarantee that people will answer you, as you’ve noticed.

So, Coldy, what do you think of My Favourite Headache? :smiley:

Not necessarily. I will not contact any poster, on the behalf of another, who chooses to hide his/her e-mail address from the community. I try in all cases to accede to wishes of privacy of the members of this community. Additionally, I do not have the time or the inclination to act as a broker, or go-between, between the members here.

QUASIMODEM, Im the king of being ignored.

I once suggested a feature whereby people COULD ignore posts from someone based on their name (yes, its possible to do, maybe not with UBB); but it was never implemented.

hey UncleBeer would you tell DDG that I have her box of Good & Plentys’ but, they must have been a problem at the factory, 'cause the box is empty???
::ducks and runs for cover::

Don’t you mean “Duck, Duck, Goose and runs for cover?”

“Duh” (slaps self in face with monitor) damn. that hurt.

Sorry, Coldfire, but you evidently didn’t read the fine print in the registration agreement, where it says we have the right to hijack threads at any time in order to talk about licorice. :smiley:

Hey, Uncle Beer, would you pass the following message on to Wring:

Dang, Wring, that happened to me just the other day, too! The Better Half went out to Farm & Fleet to get salt water taffy, and I said, “Would you get me some Good N Plentys, too?” and he said okay, and when he got home the box was empty. Should we do something?

Thanks and a half, Unc! :smiley:

Part of the problem is that there are boilerplate messages from vBulletin than the mods don’t realize people see a lot.

For example, if you click on wring’s profile button above, you see an invitation that says Click here to email wring

When you try to do so, you get a new message:

“Sorry! That user has specified that they do not wish to receive emails through this board. If you still wish to send an email to this user, please contact the administrator and they may be able to help.”

Clicking on the link sends a message to

Who that is, exactly, I’m not sure. (JimB?)

Anyway, some people are going to read the instructions above and try it.
What happens next might depend on what your email says, and which person opens it.

Uh, thanks Show_Biz, I think. I have haunted this forum for a long time and hopefully have given some good advice and have uncovered some of the intricacies of how things work, but I am not affiliated with the board and I hope I didn’t give that impression.

I like helping people out and solving some mysteries, but that’s it. I’m glad my answers are accurate enough that someone thinks I have an inside scoop.

Thanks again,

It’s just that you’re so good at it, Jim. :slight_smile: Actually, I’ve always assumed that the person who posts under the name Chronos is probably the Webmaster. So the question then becomes, “Which one is the alter ego, Chronos or Webmaster?” :smiley:

It says “administrator”, not “moderator”. Administrators have more tools available to them than moderators do. If a user hides email, mods can’t find the address…any mod who wanted the address would have to ask an admin. So if UncleBeer received a request to forward a message, he’d have to ask an admin, and then forward. Since he’s busy enough, I can see why he doesn’t want to just be a middleman.

I’m not sure who has the keys to the webmaster mailbox. I could ask, but I’m not THAT curious.

In the past, I’ve relayed messages from one user to another. I’ll do it again, if I think that the situation warrants it. Just be aware that I won’t forward files, for instance. Nor will I download files unless I know the sender REALLY well, and the sender has mentioned, in the body of the letter, the fact that a file is attached. I’ve had virus infections in my computer, and I don’t care to repeat the experience.

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