Contacting one person from EVERY county in the USA!

A new thread for a new direction on my quest.

as per this thread, I need to contact one person from every county in the US.
What would be the simplest way to do it. Anybody know of a data dase, or a mailing list (free :wink: ) that would be a jumping off point?

we dont have counties in AK

The postmaster idea is flawed. That would be contacting someone who worked, not necessarily lived, in every county.

As Tony indicated, not every state has counties. Some have parishes or whatever but it’s the same thing.

Why do you need to do this?


And neither does Louisiana. However, you have “burroughs”, and LA has “parishes”. From the standpoint of the sort of databases that the OP is looking for, they may be considered identical concepts. Or, given the sparse population, AK might be considered one BIG, BIG county. For instance, here is an Alaska “counties” map that was reached from a link proclaiming it to be a map of Alaska “burroughs”:

Looking at that map, I’m guessing that some of those divisions have very few people in them.

Actually Alaska has “Boroughs”.

There are some counties in the Plains states that have very few people, some have fewer than 100.

Be prepared to write a lot of letters to people in Texas, where I believe there are over 240 counties.

You are correct. I will just point out that the misspelling is common enough that I actually found the reference I was looking for by googling under “burroughs”. It even occurs in the AK DMV site.

Is this a “professional” need, a school “need” or some other “need.”

Pray tell, why do you have this need? Is it a genetic predisposition or do you need a fix? :slight_smile:

How about treasurers? See, for example,
The National Association of
County Treasurers and Finance Officers
members for Louisiana.

IIRC, Apline County, California had a population of less than a thousand.

I guess they take turns serving in the Legislature.

Loving County in Texas has a population of about 140. (The 2000 Census credits the county with only 67 however.)

Nevertheless, it has a full set of government officials. The County Seat is in Mentone.

In fact the OP, may wish to use this website as a starter.

CA counties aren’t guaranteed exclusive representation in the legislature. State senatorial districts don’t neccesarily follow county lines, and assembly districts are based on population. Alpine county is in senate district 1 with several other counties and parts of counties.

If you want to contact one person from each county, why not simply visit them all and contact them in person?

I want to have my ashes spread in every county in every state in the US!
I want to put a tiny 1/3101 th of my mortal remains in 3101 gelitin capsules and send them to one person in every county to dispose of them as they see fit, as long as they do it in their county.
I not only think this is feasable, I think people might get a kick out of it and lend a hand.
Now you see my quandry.
Enough about the county/parrish/borrough/etc. debate. Stick to the spirit of the question, folks, and help me be “Buried over America!”

This is kind of similar to my plan to ejaculate in every county in every state in the US.

:smack: :smack: :smack:

Uh, yeah! Real similar! One small difference…I’m serious and you’re gross. Thanks for that vivid picture, you sure paint with a big brush.

holy crap! thats my plan also! only now I have to put other things off and get busy before you beat me to it and get that coveted spot in the record books…

No cite, but I believe that every county has a County Tax Assessor.

See if this helps.

List of all U.S. counties, both by state and by county name. Also has links to other county information.

If you’re going to send a 37 cent first-class letter to 3,000 people, it’s gonna cost you $1,100. Is it worth it?

Torgo’s plan, of course, will be considerably more expensive, as it will involve dinner-and-a-movie times 3,000, unless he’s going to practice the disgusting art of self-pollution, in which case he’s just out the gas expenses, plus the cost of plane tickets to Hawaii and Alaska.

Not to mention the down-time off work, since if he ejaculates once a day–a not unreasonable goal–it will take him nearly 10 years to accomplish his task. Better look into some heavy corporate sponsorship for this project, Torgo.

Use email.

Attach a diddy that if you forward to 10 friends, Bill Gates will give you a ticket to Disneyland.

The tough part is that you have to DIE FIRST:stuck_out_tongue:

Plus the estate will have to pony up whatever the cost of sending these capsules registered mail with return receipt (per USPS Publication 52, sections 462.2 and 463b) , and the estate administrator’s costs in handling all this.

Why are you worrying about this, anyway? If your estate has the money to pay your estate administrator or executor to do this, why not put it in your will, and leave the overhead to them?

If they don’t follow your wishes, then you can just haunt them.