Contacting the moderator team

Is there a way to contact anyone in the mod loop? That is, send a note to the moderators in general, rather than to a particular moderator. I have a question about a recent banning. Nothing important, just curious.

Link to moderator list.
There’s a message link on the “Profile card” when you click their avatar or go to their profile.

Perfect, thanks! There’s a button on the top where you can message the group.

Added: June 20, 2020

Bunch 'a rookies.

Off point but as long as I’m here who is m-ttw the super secret mod with no profile? is he in charge of, shall we say, extra-legal punishments? Black bagging? Application of mod boots to posters?

Also, why are Gaudere anfd Gfactor still listed as mods when they have not posted for 5 plus years?

Plus m-ttw is listed as a Guest – a moderator-guest? Unpossible!

Regarding Gaudere, and Gfactor, I’m amazed they haven’t posted in more than five years. I guess being a moderator is like going to Hotel California.