Will the moderators contact missing members?

We all have to have a valid email that is available for admins and or mods to contact us if necessary.

I’m wondering if anyone asks for a “well check” on a SDMB member whose gone uncharacteristically silent on the boards.

There are a few members who have abruptly stopped posting for reasons unknown.

Would it be intrusive to have a mod send a simple email to check in, say something like we haven’t seen you poster X in a while, don’t ya miss us?

Does the admin/mod team ever reach out to members in that way?

As a longtime poster here, I wouldn’t want SDMB moderators trying to contact me if I’ve decided not to post here. It would be IMO intrusive. If I were to suddenly pass away, I wouldn’t want her to have to deal with contact from a message board moderator.

If a poster is interested in contacting me, tagging me in a thread or sending me a PM is the way I’d prefer. If I don’t respond you’ll just have to let it go.

No, we do not.

What if I had a name, would you say if it matched the email account without actually giving out the email? By PM, not publicly.

One thing you can do as a poster is start a thread about the missing poster. Often someone else will know that they post on another platform and are just fine. That’s worked for me twice and I’ve seen other instances. There’s also a thread that’s been running a couple of years about missing Dopers that has explanations for why some have left.

No. Sorry.

No problem, I understand the reasoning.

Good to know and no reason to really I suppose as members can set up their email notification preferences if they want to remain informed on board topics, read replies or respond to quotes of their @username.

To whom does “her” refer?

her indoors !

That was supposed to be a second reference to my wife, but it looks like I edited out a line.

That was my immediate thought. There is a PM function that a concerned person can use on an individual basis for the purpose of a welfare check. If an individual is truly concerned, that individual should make the effort. It shouldn’t be assigned as an automatic SDMB function.

If @discobot starts harassing me about not posting in a while, I would not be pleased.

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

I thought it was an interactive online app for old timers who miss the disco era of the seventies. LOL

I’d have to look again, but I don’t think email addresses can be made public. You can set it up so you get an email if someone replies to you or sends a PM, but it’s all done by Discourse.

Right, point is if one stays away from the boards but have their email notifications turned on, then any notifications will go to your email.

I’m curious what that email looks like. Test @chela

I don’t know of any larger boards that contact missing members. Some of the smaller ones do, but those are places where most everybody knows everybody else.

There’s at least one poster here who I miss, but it’s their choice to stay away, so I won’t bug them.

That’s a perfect reason for this not to be automatic. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if you’ll get a notification if you at yourself. @chela

Note that if you have emails turned off, you’ll get a notification on the SDMB and that’s it.

I am pretty sure something has happened to them but there is nothing I can do. One day somebody will perhaps think the same about me.