contempt in divorce

I am being held in contempt of court over divorce decree. He saying I have things that I have not had. These were discussed at the time and were agreed that I could not give things I do not have. we were also to transfer car titles. Everytime he sent papers when he was incarcerated for insurance fraud, they were wrong so his son and I could not complete this. When he got out my father was dying so it was hard to find time and when I did the guys he had doing it was not available. What do I do?

Hire a good lawyer who specializes in divorce proceedings.

DO you know anything about this?

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This is probably the best advice you’re going to get.

How could anyone possibly know anything from three lines you posted on a message board?

But you’re being held in contempt of court and so you need to get an attorney, regardless of what anybody here can possibly tell you from what little information you provided.

And how could anybody not easily divorce someone who was incarcerated for fraud? Not enough information to go here so only advice is to get a lawyer.

So you’re saying the first time the papers came around they were wrong, so you didn’t sign them, and the second time the papers came around, you didn’t have time to sign them, and when you finally had time, his lawyers (“guys”) didn’t have time for you?

You need a lawyer.

Contempt is a serious matter. Going to jail is a distinct possibility. You need an attorney licensed in the appropriate jurisdiction.

Ok, I’ll take a stab at this. When you say that you are in contempt of court over a divorce decree, it sounds like you have already lost your case in divorce court and are not complying with the orders. That right?

When you say he is saying you have things that you have not had, what do you mean? Are these items that you are also being ordered to turn over to him as part of the decree? If so, you need to turn them over and if you don’t have them get a lawyer to negotiate a settlement. *Before the decree *is when you should have addressed this issue, after the court order is a bit late to be arguing over the details.

I can’t tell what you mean about the papers being wrong that he sent from prison. Were these to transfer the car titles? If they were divorce papers that were wrong then you should not have a finalized divorce decree against you. If they are about the cars you still need to get this straightened out, because it seem to be part of the court order you are in contempt of.

If you come back to this thread, please elaborate and give just a little more information as to what you are talking about. But it does sound to me, if you are being held in contempt, that you either need to comply, need to get a real good lawyer, or you may possibly be screwed.

So, you don’t want to get a lawyer. How’s that working out for you so far?

Well, I just got the papers from his attorney, about a hearing. I am in the process of getting an attorney. We were married for 10 years. He was involved in an Insurance Fraud scheme. He wanted to always be running and never told anyone what really happenend. I investigated and found all the facts, as the entire family was falling apart. I wanted a seperation he wouldn’t, he became more and more obsessed and threatened me daily. Finally, he moved. After he was incarcerated I still tried to help with what I could but he took almost everything with him when he left. We lost our house, our savings and everything else we had. I am still trying to straighten my life and my credit, because he used all my credit cards for our business and then left them for me. It took 2 years for everything to catch up with me because I didn’t know they were out there. Call me niave and stupid, but the fact is he was my husband and I trusted him. That is all taken care of and now almost a year after he has been out he is coming after me and was just lookin for a little advice. Also, my attorney died. He took everything and is asking for stupid things like a loveseat that is almost 20 years old and his wedding band, both of which I do not have.

Ok, it sounds like the relevant parts there are that there will be a hearing, you are getting a new attorney, and the contempt charge is because he’s claiming you have some of his property, which you deny.

Really, all you should be doing right now is explaining that to your new attorney.

Let’s see. he’s a convicted felon who was doing prison time and still won enough of the divorce case that you are being cited for contempt.

Kinda puts into perspective what a good lawyer can do for a case, right?

A word of advice - get a good lawyer. A second word of advice - when the court says “do this” either (a) do it or (b) ask yor lawyer and how to get out of it and DO WHAT THE LAWYER SAYS… which most likely will include doing what the court said.