Contest: Identify this pancake

IndyGuy entertained me with pancakes from history recently. I thought this one was so good that I took a photo of it.

Can you identify this pancake?

The lucky winner will receive a photo of the personalized pancake of their choice – made by IndyGuy just for you! You may also have the actual pancake mailed to you, but freshness cannot be guaranteed.

It’s Jesus!

BBZZZT! Sorry Inigo, it isn’t Jesus. If it was, I’d be posting it on ebay!

Looks kinda like George Burns, to me.

Actually it kind of says “George Harrison” to me.

The Scream

Einstein kind of jumps out at me.

The pancake sort of looks like him too. Buh-dum-csh!

It’s colonel Sanders!

No, wait … no, no, actually, that’s most definitely Wilford Brimley. The mustache is unmistakable.

BZZT! Remember that this is from the Historic Pancake Series. I have another photo from the Famous Entertainers Series that I can share with you if you wish.

I’ll have to ask him to make an Eistein pancake, all the crazy hair could be fun!

A girl after my own heart. I’ve always been so fond of that painting(s). I’ll have to have him make one of those too.

I had to go google to see who Wilford Brimley was, and yes that pancake does look alot like him. But, BZZZT!

Well, I was going for John Lennon or possibly Salvador Dali, but now that I’m in the historic mode, I’m stumped.

Peter Griffin - Family Guy.

Teddy Roosevelt?

BZZT! Is the family guy already historic? Man-o-man what is this world coming too?

You are our lucky winner!

I know you are too thrilled to speak right now Inigo, but when you catch your breath let me know what you’d like for your personalized pancake. I may not be able to get him to make it until Sunday, his daughter is getting married tomorrow and he’s grumpy about all the getting married stuff.

Well, a Mandy Patinkin celebrity pancake would be nice. Or maybe a Bart Simpson.

I was going to guess Orville Redenbacher.