Continuity Question About Kick-Ass

I finally got a chance to see Kick-Ass, and it’s well deserving of the hype surrounding it, imo. Very cool to see Chloe Moretz, with whom I’ve worked before (on 500 DoS), steal the show.
I am wondering about the wing doors on the Mist-Mobile - they open up, like a Lamborghini, but when Kick Ass meets up with Red Mist in the shadow of the bridge, he opens the passenger door out, not up. Did anyone else notice this?
Another nitpick, but one that I can allow for, is that when KA and HG get back home via the jet pack, the sun is rising over the city, and it should be dawn. The problem here is that they are east of Manhattan, so the sun is rising in the West.

It’s set in the same world as The Green Berets

Certain scissor door kits can be opened out or up.

Thanks, Morbo.

I saw it and really enjoyed it, but there was one plot hole that keeps nagging at me. So, after the video goes viral, Kick Ass is hugely famous but no one knows who he is, right? It’s this big mystery. But how long at that point do you think it would take the paramedic who picked him up after his first attempt and hid his costume from his father to come forward and spill the beans?

There was a time lag. You have to remember that weeks if not months for the kid to heal up from all the broken bones and surgeries to put steel pins and steel plates in his body. So by the time he became famous, the paramedic might realize “Hey, that must be the kid we scraped off the road!” but he probably didn’t have much information on him.

The cops and/or hospital staff might have looked at the kid’s ID (if he even had any), but the paramedic probably didn’t look at it because he had no reason to. So the paramedic can say: “I met Kick-Ass back when he was still a nobody! And I saw his face!” But he probably wouldn’t be a major threat to the whole secret identity thing.

Dip 'n Sip Donuts is about 2 blocks from my house…

And I wonder if that would be a HIPAA sort of violation/causing the medic to lose his job?

What I thought was odd was that this kid Dave decided to become a real superhero without any training. He didn’t seem to have any ability to fight or use his weapons effectively. (And there was the early scene in which he was planning to attempt a jump from one building to the next, without any confidence that he could make it. Surely you’d start by practicing a long jump on level ground to get some idea of what distance you could leap before trying something dangerous?)

Dude, haven’t you ever chugged a 'Dew and screamed “Hard Core!” and just went for it?

Me either, but then I never really thought myself a Mountain Dew drinker nor a super hero.

He did. They showed him in the alleyway jumping back and forth trying to make it all the way across before it cut to him on the roof.