If Chuck Jones directed Heroes (OPEN SPOILERS)

Although I’m not a regular viewer, I did catch the scene tonight where the Bad Guy forced Claire’s mother to shoot her. Of course Claire popped back up a few seconds later and bonked the bad guy over the head with a vase or something.

Seeing my amusement, my daughter told me I should have seen where Hiro got hit in the head with a shovel, went back a few minutes in time, and got hit in the head with another shovel.

This pretty much confirmed my sneaking suspicion that Heroes is actually a Warner Brothers cartoon played straight.

I can easily see one of the Heroes tieing a shotgun barrell into a knot so it blows up in the bad guy’s face, or painting a tunnel on the side of a mountain and escaping through it.

What other feats of heroism can you imagine?

WHOA, WHOA, spoiler alert!

Sorry, I waited until half-hour after the episode ended here in the Midwest.

What’s the accepted time limit on spoiling TV?

I dunno, but since the episode won’t air for 13 minutes yet here in Los Angeles, the answer is MORE TIME THAN YOU WAITED THIS TIME. :mad:

I don’t watch, but wasn’t there one guy who could hover in the air?

One day, he makes the mistake of looking down . . . .

Yup. Peter Petrelli can fly. Looking down wouldn’t be a problem for him, unless when he did so he happened to spot “The Haitian”, who can negate the powers of other heroes.

And then there’s Claire, who’s pretty much invulnerable (or at least heals even faster than Wolverine). Perhaps someone can hand her a birthday cake with a stick of dynamite for a candle.


:blink, blink:

So if Ando were to paint a tunnel into the side of a mountain, can Hiro make a car pass through it?

And some of us won’t see it until today because we worked last night. And it’s not like I could have just not seen it by avoiding the thread, I got the spoiler from mousing-over. :mad:

There’s no time limit. Aside from the east/west coast time difference (four hours), there are lots of people who record a show to watch a day or two later. Or a week or two later. Some people save them up to watch a several weeks’ worth at a time (us forgetful folks can’t remember characters or events very long.)

And, there are members outside the US who won’t have a chance to see the show for months, or until it’s out on DVD, etc.

So, basically, everything should be viewed as current, and spoiler-protected. There’s no set time limit.

This thread made me smile. I am friendly with Chuck Jones’ daughter, and love it that his legacy keeps making other people smile.

That’s it, carry on!

Hijack, but wow. Knowing Chuck Jones’s kid – man, I envy you. Do you know if anything that she tried to do for Chuck on Father’s Day helped inspire “Bear for Punishment”?

:smiley: Don’t know, but she did tell me a story once about a guy sitting in front of them at the Hollywood Bowl who recognized Chuck and began telling him what a fan he was, etc. Chuck was gracious but a bit shocked when the man lifted his shirt to show a full back tattoo of his favorite Jones character (can’t remember which one). After a joke about unpaid royalties, the man pulled out a Sharpie and asked Jones to autograph the piece. He did, and the man later contacted him with a new picture- the signature had been tattooed into the piece.

Nice guy, and a good guy. His daughter is a lovely woman. She knitted a baby blanket for my first son that I still cherish.