Heroes 10/2 (spoilers)

Many questions tonite. Who is the serial killer? Is it dear old dad?

Was Hiro really in NY physically or just in his mind? Did he go forward in time and then back again?

What was in the desert? I’m thinking graveyard, but whose?

Can politico bro fly or not?

Whose body was in the studio?

I really enjoyed this episode. So many things going on at once and not all our heroes are true blue all american. They seem more real, like someone I might actually know. Decided to drop Six Degrees in favor of Heroes and so far I’m not disappointed.

I really really hate topless heads. Brainless topless heads. Gah.

I like Hiro a lot. I’m not so sure about any of the other characters.

I couldn’t tell. Should we assume it’s the artist who paints the future?

I got chills when Hiro looked at his watch and saw the date. Yes, it appears that he went five weeks into the future and then back.

This show is quite dark, isn’t it? Two bodies with the tops of their heads sliced off? The bloody bodies in the car trunk? Whoa.

Ok, WTH was that? Talk about a wheels-off episode. Hated almost every minute.

  • Niki’s story has become so crazy that it has gone all the way around and become predictable.

  • The violence has gotten so-over-the-top that it’s becoming distracting. I guar-an-tee a lot of people changed the channel after Hiro made his little discovery.

  • Claire gets tackled and her head twists around? They’re trying waaaaayyyy too hard. Give her a broken wrist or something, geez.

  • The nurse the and the wannabe congressman just bored me this time.

I may give it another shot next week, but I really didn’t dig it tonight.

running piglet cheese, the answers (IMO), in order:

I think Hiro was actually there, but went back.

I assume that was the mob thugs buried in the desert; Niki’s mirror pals took care of the dirty work again (what a shame too, there was a chance to show us a few severed limbs flying about).

Yes, both brothers can fly.

That was Tortured!Artist (Issac?) in the studio.

slacker How could the bodies in the desert be the mob guys? Their bodies are in the trunk. Also, the skull she saw was pretty old, just bones.

Granted, the horrific side is rather graphic and I guess we are used to seeing the violence in superhero stories being more “comic book” and unrealistic. Perhaps the writers are trying to make our heroes more realistic by putting them in an environment that is more indicative of today’s world. Or maybe they just like blood and guts or rather brains in this case.

The same way the bodies were in the trunk when they were supposed to be in the garage. Niki’s alter ego is takin’ care of business and Normal Niki has no recollection of what happened. That’s why she lost that four hours on her way to get Micah.

I don’t know how to explain the appearance of the skull though.

Maybe that’s her ex?

I liked how Hiro reacted when he saw the unfinished comic strip, bringing him to his “now”. He looked scared.

There’s sure a lot of stuff happening. Maybe it’s too much, but so far, I’m in.

I don’t see what was so appalling about the gore, although it surprised me to see it at nine pm on a broadcast network. There’s certainly more extreme gore out there.

I kinda like the show, though I hope it doesn’t slow-pace itself to death the way Surfacing did last year. I have a weird crush on Clea DuVall, so it was nice to see her in a small role. (The blonde detective. It’s not mentioned on her IMDB page.)

I was thinking that maybe Niki had killed before and didn’t remember, and look! Here are the bodies!

I’m lukewarm on some of the characters, but I do enjoy Hiro and Claire. I was sort of frustrated at the cop getting arrested. I mean, it didn’t seem to me that she had adequate cause. But I’m not a cop. Or a drama writer.

I was pretty happy to see that the girl from Brick has popped up again.

Back to the graveyard, maybe it’s where the mob buries its bodies. Then if the “trunk bodies” are discovered iit will be assumed that the mob had them killed.

Hard to figure out how cop’s ability works. How can he only hear one person’s thoughts at a time? Why isn’t he bmbarded with thoughts from everyone? That seems to have been the down side of this particular power in other cases.

Claire’s twisted head was way over the top. It should have just been a badly broken arm or leg.
Her father now knows what’s going on, and I’m guessing he either stole her from her birth parents or was involved more deeply with Mohinder’s father that we have been let to think.

I think the cop was hearing thoughts from many people at once, while walking through the house - that’s why he told them to be quiet. He could also hear both the detective’s thoughts while outside.

I’m not sure I understand Nikki’s ability yet, but I’m intrigued enough to keep watching.

Yes, he was hearing multiple thoughts as he went into the house, as well.

I just wonder if that desert spot is where ReflectionNiki buries all her bodies, or if it’s just a convenient mob dump site.

Overall, I liked this episode much better than last week–and I even liked last week’s. :slight_smile: Hiro’s missing time is the most interesting part, and I’d like to see how that’s going to work. I’m guessing that we’re not going to be watching in real time, and it’s going to take the entire season to get to November 8.

Nice Arthur Dent moment with the Flying Nurse.

I’m wondering if Hiro’s power is not constiportation but is instead pure time travel. Either way, the parallel storylines was a cool touch and the time lapse was nicely revealed. Also nicely revealed was Nikki’s time loss, with the sudden outfit change.

Greg Grunberg is great in anything so I’m happy to see him, but that cop uniform does not do him any favors.

I assumed the graveyard was mirrorwoman’s other victims, not a mafia lay away.

Cheerleader’s twisted neck was over the top. It’s a highschool football player for Og’s sake, not a pro linebacker. I agree that a broken wrist would have been much better.

The exact nature of Hiro’s power remains unclear.

Despite its flaws, I still love this show.

Okay, so am I wrong in figuring the “heros” will all need to band together somehow to fight the evil empire that’s going to nuke NYC?

I adore Hiro. He makes me think of a Japanese Steve Irwin. :smiley:

I am hooked. :slight_smile:

And I’m out. It’s too much for me. It’s blender storytelling- let’s throw a ton of stuff in there and mix it all up, so we can set ourselves up for several seasons, and maybe some of it will be interesting.

I’d prefer well written, compelling stories each week. It hasn’t grabbed me yet, I don’t particularly care for any of the characters or what happens to them, and I don’t see enough substance there to keep me coming back.

Now, I’m off to go complain about those meddling kids on my lawn. Grumble grumble.

I’m definitely in, for now. Only thing I didn’t like was the cop being arrested. No fucking way they arrest a cop on so little evidence. Other than that, I really enjoyed the episode.

I’m cutting Clea a little slack because, hey, it’s Clea and she’s awesome. I can see, though, where a detective would freak a little upon hearing the name of the suspect from someone who should have no way of knowing it.

Except of course she said the name right out loud to the other detective at the crime scene with who knows how many people around.

in answer to your first question, piglet, Claire’s papa might be. And is taking the brains for research purposes. We’ve not yet met anyone else who it could be

to which moment are you referring, where he levitated and didn’t realize it?