Heroes 11/19/07 - "Cautionary Tales" (SPOILERS)

Last week: Everybody caught up? Good. Moving on…

This week: Back to the Present, in which Peter and Adam are making the dreamiest couple ever, Maya and Alejandro may be about to be down a brain or two betwixt them, Niki found a new and exciting way to contract a virus and the Bennets are set to flee but perhaps without Claire, who’s listened to “I Have a Love” from West Side Story (hey, West Side Story? I wasn’t even going for that!) once too often.

Did we know Bob’s last name was Bishop?

“Sting’s like a bitch, doesn’t it?” :smiley:

He should have replied: “Do you think it’s MINE?”

Wow, they found a way to make West useful and almost even likeable. Claire DID have an early meeting with a super (from last week’s thread). And we found out who killed Hiro’s dad. (I’m not going to spoiler stuff.). Commercials over. Gotta go…

Ho ly shit!

Holy shit!

I’m *liking *West.

I guess the writers realized they were almost out of time for this chapter and cracked the whip. This is a very tight episode.

And man, Parkman went bad fast. I buy it though. That’s a hell of a seductive power.

Mohinder’s power is that he’s a preternaturally bad judge of character.

Holy Crap!

Holy. F**king. Sh*t. I don’t guess there’s a chance of a redo on that, is there?

I had some ghosting tonight. I missed the amazing subtitles that convinced Hiro not to save his father.

I also missed whatever convinced Mohinder to shoot Noah. Is it me, or did that come out of nowhere?

Holy Living Fuck My Ass Sideways!

To repeat: Holy Shit. (#2)

Oh yeah!

Suh. Weet.

Is it wrong of me to be thinking, “well, this ought to shut the complainers up”?

Hmmm, kinda saw that coming.

I think we need a knock-down drag out catfight being Elle and Claire next week, one that involves lots of clothes being ripped off and such. You know, to help move the plot along.

Wow, several times over.

(BTW, I’m amused by the ads for the web-only episodes they’re promising. Wonder who they’ll get to write 'em? :p)

So Parkman did squeeze the name of the last woman from mama Petrelli right?

I only have one problem with this new development: Now ANYTHING can be a do-over.

Just a minor nitpick for an otherwise amazing episode.

Damnit man, she just wants to be left alone. It’s people like you…

uh, did he? What was it? I missed it.