Continuous US Flag Display

Wikipedia has a list of where the American flag is on continual display. Most I can figure out why, but there are others I can’t - namely

Mount Slover limestone quarry (Colton Liberty Flag), in Colton, California.
Washington Camp Ground, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Thirteen Star Flag.
The Worcester, Massachusetts war memorial
The plaza in Taos, New Mexico
The Mount Moriah Cemetery in Deadwood, South Dakota.

Why do these places get special rules for displaying the flag?

Nevermind The plaza in Taos, New Mexico and Washington Camp Ground, Bridgewater, New Jersey, Thirteen Star Flag. Found out why

From the American Flag Foundation:

(bolding mine)

At most Elks Lodges in the USA, the flag is displayed (and illuminated) 24 hours a day. There is no law against doing so, if desired. Anyone can do the same, as long as the illumination requirement is fulfilled.

Note there is no law against having the flag out 24 hours a day and not illuminated either. The flag code is not law. It is considered disrespectful to the flag, however.

Actually, the flag code is indeed law. There aren’t any enforcement provisions however.

Well, strictly speaking, it is law, but there are no penalties provided for violating it.

These are places the Congress has explicitly allowed to fly a flag 24 hours. Why has Congress specifically allowed these places to fly the flag continuously?

Care to share? I live about an hour from Taos, and pass by the plaza when I visit my knee doctor. It’d be interesting to know.