Convince me that this isn't the end of the world.

Even if Kerry had won the senate and house are republican so he couldn’t get any of his agendas passed. So its not like things will be alot different now IMO.

What I’m grateful for is that only 55 senators are republican, they need 60 to appoint radical nutjobs to the supreme court. With only 55 the democrats can stall them and get more middle of the road justices appointed.

Duck Duck bloke and Chastain89, are times not always going to be different due to a number of unstable states with nuclear capability these days as compared to your heyday? There was only one really tangible enemy some years ago surely?

I disagree. Kerry would’ve faced opposition in Congress and not much would’ve gotten done overall. Bush still has his own party in Congress so a lot will be done. Kerry may not have been able to push much of the Democratic agenda through, but at least he could’ve put the brakes on the Republican agenda.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s just yet another nail in the coffin of the shrinking middle class! Enough said!

Will work for food,

  • Jinx :frowning: frownin’ until 2008

Au contraire. It is precisely because of my sense of perspective that I can tell there are certain parts of Paris Hilton that are closer to the camera than others when I see her on TV.

Yeah, it’s a shame that we don’t get some Liberal “tolerance” in office. :rolleyes:

I’m pretty sure your portrayal of half of America as a bunch of religeous zealots is incorrect.

Thank you, Mr2001. This is what I’m referring to. The Republicans have way too much control over the government right now, and Bush doesn’t even have to worry about re-election this time. Since the American people aren’t really paying attention anyway, he’ll be able to do just about whatever he wants. I’m not looking forward to it, to say the least.

Geez, haven’t you people ever heard of hyperbole?

Ah yes. When liberals take a moral stand, they’re hypocrites. When they don’t, they’re moral relativists.


You must be too young to remember how that Hollywood Cowboy Reagan was going to call nuclear disaster down upon our heads by pissing off the Russkies (or maybe the Chinese. Or maybe Gaddafi over in Libya would start some shit). Unless we unilaterally disarmed, the Commies were going to be so scared they would launch a first strike out of self defence. There were concerts about it and TV movies and everything.

Life has always been dangerous and unstable. We got over it.

Today, things are different. We have already been attacked, with thousands of American civilians killed. The majority of American voters wanted someone in office who they know will be proactive to prevent such a terrible thing from happening again, and who they feel understands and shares their beliefs and values.

Eastern lawyers who love to hear themselves talk need not apply.

Oh, and you asked for my specific concerns. Here you go:

  1. Education, especially higher education. I’m an undergrad student at a Wisconsin state school. Tuition went up 35% between last year and this year. No one’s really stepping in for us either.

  2. Jobs. When I get out of school, I will need to acquire one of these. Will the job market be this dead or worse then?

  3. Civil rights in general . . . Privacy, women’s rights, gay rights. Is he REALLY going to amend the Constitution?

  4. Health care. Is it just going to keep getting more and more expensive?

And what they got was someone who would abandon the search for the guy who killed those citizens so he could spike his approval rating by starting an unrelated war. As always, the voters get what they deserve in the end.

I am the first person in my father’s family to go to college. GI Bill, sweetheart. Nobody gave me the money, I had to trade several years of my life for it.

Unable to tell. My current job description did not exist when I graduated. Until the corporate Powers That Be see more profit in keeping jobs in America than shipping them overseas I don’t have much hope. I don’t see where one party would have an advantage over the other in this global marketplace.

Only the states can pass a Constitutional amendment. If the majority of your fellow citizens want something in, they will get it. Remember Prohibition.

Yep. New drugs and treatments are expensive to develop. Your doctor has more tools at his disposal than ever before, and they don’t come cheap. neither does malpracice insurance in a litiginous society.

You want Bush to bail out STATE colleges? Neither guy would do that. It’s a state matter. Take it up with your governor.

The private sector creates jobs, not the government. Do some research and find a field that you enjoy, and that is growing. But keep your options open as things change fast. Think about starting your own business.

No. Actually, he can’t. Only Congress and the states can do that.

Probably. Don’t believe it if any of these guys says he’s going to bring healthcare costs down. Has it ever happened in the last 50 years?

No, but I think we’d be far better off with the resulting divided government (Bush with a Democrat-dominated Congress would be as good, IMO.)

However, those aren’t the cards we got dealt.

As I mentioned the last time the subject came up, I’d consider an ID brick (i.e. an object of sufficient bulk that it would only be trotted out for pre-planned special occasions that legitimately require proof of ID, but would not be routinely carried and thus would resist the sort of mission creep that has occurred with the SSN).

I don’t say they’re zealots. I say their moral and religious values are wrong.

I would gladly accept the “mission creep,” if that’s what it takes to make sure that every adult American citizen is automatically registered to vote.

Even if they aren’t wrong, I think its silly to think Bush represents them just because he says he does.

I agree with the OP, this country is fucked. And I agree with others who say its been fucked since LBJ (not that it was your point). After LBJ and his great society which introduced civil rights as a mainstay of the democratic platform, the american redneck south has hauled ass to the red side and the supposedly religious right has followed. While I don’t think its about racism anymore, its certainly about your parent’s racism. Now its mostly about hating gays and people who dont like stomping gays, muslims or whatever else it is you hate right now.

Personally I wish now that Lincoln hadn’t bothered to hold this country together. I’d like to see the entire south, with its god, guns and glory go off and do its own thing.

Screw paper trails, we need open-source standard voting software with publicly accessible but secure vote repositories.

Why are you still pushing IRV after you’ve been shown that it’s horrendous?

It’s sad how much relief I got from this. But I’m pleased.

Well, my proof that it isn’t the end of the world is that some 200,000 Americans are somehow alive - despite P. Diddy.