Cookies from cookie dough ice cream

Has anyone ever tried separating the cookie dough from the ice cream and baking it to make cookies? Does it work, or is the composition completely different from “real” cookie dough?

Here’s one guy’s result:

Me, me!

I had a half gallon of cheapo cookie dough ice cream sitting in the freezer one day, so I decided to make ‘cookies’ out of them. My method for mining cookie nuggets from the ice cream differed slightly from the one in the provided link; I just ate a big spoonful of the ice cream, let it melt in my mouth and then spit the dough into a bowl. I was collaborating with a sibling in doing this, and pretty soon we had a bowlful of good nuggets.

They seemed pretty normal once we had smooshed all of them together, but when we baked, they flattened out very thinly. It’s as the article described; they were very sweet and very hard. Recommendation: save yourself the trouble and make cookies yourself.