Cooking Eggs.

Working at my restaurant, my cook and I got into a friendly debate on how many actual ways there are to cook an egg.

I know there are probably endless ways to prepare eggs into dishes (deviled, etc.)

But the cook says there are endless styles to cook them, as well.

I can only come up with:

over easy
over medium
over hard
sunny side up
poached soft, medium and hard
hard boiled

Any more?

soft boiled

You’re talking about just the egg?

Omelette (this is different than scrambled)


Shirred (which I think is the same as baked).

Hard cooked, which is supposed to be better than hard boiled because it doesn’t crack the shell.

Thousand year old eggs, which are insanely delicious.

Balut doesn’t count, for all the right reasons.

Meringue may fit in there somewhere too.

Sauces (several diferent methods)


I’m a decent cook, but I have no idea how to cook an egg raw.

Obviously the cook is wrong about there being “endless” ways to cook eggs – how many will it take for him to be essentially right, though?

One more:


Microwaved (without the shell, and prick the yolk!).


Custard/ flan

FWIM the chef’s hat has (or had) one “fold” for each way an egg could be made. IIRC it was something like 99.

scrambled hard

Like scrambled, but cooked longer. I make a lot of them where I work. I think it counts, since over easy and medium are different.

I have heard that it’s common in SE Asia to grill eggs, but I can’t fathom how.

They grill eggs the same way that porcupines make love; veeeeery carefully.

As in, (roll) over easy? :smiley:



I heard the same stroy about the toque. I think it’s a post hoc kind of thing though.

  1. This cite says 100 OR SO, but my dad’s a chef and he says 104.