Favourite Way To Fix Eggs

Thinking about my other “egg related thread,” I thought I’d ask this question.

Which is your favourite way to fix eggs.

I mean the egg itself, not part of a bigger dish. Like Eggs Benedict is not a method of cooking eggs but rather an egg dish. I mean just the method, not like scrambled eggs with cheese, but rather just scrambled eggs?

Over easy. I hated it that way as a kid but now it’s my favorite.

Egg-allergic family member. I no longer remember why anyone would eat them.

Souffléd; savory or sweet.

I prefer poached but usually end up making sunny side up. One way or another, I must have plenty of runny golden yolk for toast dipping.

I’ve never been able to fix eggs. Whenever they get broken, they just stay broken, no matter what I do.


I voted other because I like to make omelettes, but I guess you might see it as part of a bigger dish? I mix up the eggs in a cup and add ingredients to it (onions, bacon bits, etc.) then pour them in a hot pan. I lift the edges to let the uncooked egg run underneath. What would you call this, prescrambled?

Omlettes here too—I only learned to make them properly in recent years, and now it is something I do on a semi-regular basis, (even though I have never been much of a breakfast person) since it’s SO easy once you know the move…

Don’t have a favorite, they’re all good.

I chose scrambled. Especially since I adopted Alton Brown’s method (start on low heat until curds begin to form then turn up to med-hi/hi) which turns out creamy, moist, custard-like eggs. Sometimes I like over easy or poached, but I’m weird about yolks: sometimes a runny yolk is delicious, sometimes quite off-putting.

Anything with a runny yolk, so over-easy, sunny-side up, poached, and soft boiled I all like equally well.

I do also like scrambled, but I take the opposite to Alton’s approach, and do them high-heat and fast. Basically, they’re done in about one minute. You have to keep stirring them like a risotto and be very careful to pull them before they look done–there’s plenty of residual heat to keep them cooking. I usually add a dab or cream or creme fraiche at this point to make them silky and to cool down the eggs and prevent them from overcooking.

Scrambled is the most fun to prepare: mix em up, throw some stuff in, and toss them in a pan.

Over easy is the most suspenseful. I’m good at flipping them and not breaking the yolk, but there’s always that moment of trepidation… can i do it? Can I do it??? YESSSS!!! :smiley:

The Julia Child Method. I add some feta cheese, fold the egg over it and flip it, though.

Scrambled or fried hard. Runny yolks are a sign of moral decay and general degeneracy.

Get thee behind me, Satan! :wink:

I usually poach mine until the yolk is just a little runny.

I order them Fried over easy at restaurants.

I chose scrambled as it is my favorite (read: easiest) way to fix eggs.

I prefer them sunny-side up, but I can’t fix them that way… at least, not all the time. :frowning:

I said scrambled (although I like hard-boiled, too), but I prefer to make a quiche if I’m going to eat eggs.

Poached, except we don’t have a very good poacher at the moment so I usually end up making a sandwich–grilled or fried, depending on my mood.

The best way to fix eggs is to hire All the King’s Horses and All the King’s Men.

Granted, they do not have a 100% success rate. Still, there has to be a reason they’re in the business.