Cooking frozen burger patties w/ charcoal

The instructions say it’s best to cook them while frozen. Is it really?

I’m in charge of cooking ¼ lb. frozen hamburgers for a picnic. I’ll be doing this on a charcoal grill — I plan to use a Weber with the lid on, but may have to do some of them on an uncovered grill that’s “built in” at the park. I can’t help but wonder if they’d cook just as well – or even better – if they were thawed, or partially thawed.

Does anyone have words of wisdom and/or experience to share on doing this?

In general better to thaw so you don’t end up overcooking them before they’re done. The advice on the package may be because they’d fall apart easily if thawed. If it’s a small park grill where you don’t have a cooler area to move them to after browning you could move them off to a platter for a while after browning to finish them off. Just hard to say for an unknown patty.

I would cook them over low heat, maybe off to the side. Otherwise, you’ll get them overcooked on the outside and undercooked, if not still cold, on the inside.

They are MUCH easier to cook when thawed.
They are MUCH easier to handle when frozen.

To cook them all the way through when frozen pretty much requires overcooking them or cooking them very slowly as the others noted.

If you have some way of thawing them, while keeping them cold, do it. Couple days in the fridge might work.