Cool, creepy animated GIF: Spider with babies holding on, all crawling around.

One of the coolest animated GIFs I’ve seen in a while.

It is, indeed, a mama spider with a ton of little spiderlings on her butt crawling around, in full color animated goodness. The mama’s butt is about as big as an index finger tip, it looks like, and the little babies are just tiny.

Cute little babies for the season of rebirth.

Kill it with fire!


Wolf spider.

Thank goodness! When I first opened this thread, I thought it said baby with spiders crawling around on it! Brrrr!

Awesome! I wonder, do they ever lose their footing and fall off?

Thank you. I knew I’d heard of spiders that worked like that, but I couldn’t remember any.

No problem. I love the cute little guys (although, the time I accidentally squished a mama wolf spider under my hand, and all her brood went a-scurrying up my arm still gives me a fair heebie jeebie).

Warning for people creeped out by spiders with their baby spiders on them and crawling all around - I truly did not enjoy seeing that, and you probably won’t, either. {Shudder}

Yeah, there is no way I’m clicking on that link.:eek:

Horrible spider is horrible.

When I read the title I was sure I was going to see a spider with little HUMAN babies crawling around… I guess I just don’t associate the word “babies” with spiders…

Kill it! Now! Destroy it!

OMG! That’s creeeeeeeeeeeeeepy!!

I vacillate between “Awww babies!” and “GHAAA USE THE TORCHES!!”

Egad, first thing in the morning, did I need to see THAT?

Ditto for me. Clicked on thinking I was going to see some sort of cute photoshopped GIF. Gonna be scrubbing that image out of my brain for a while.


No wonder it wiggled and jiggled and tickled inside her…

I. would. die.

Maybe its wounded & they’re just eating her.