Cool Guitar Solos/Playing

Show me your best geetar solos/licks/riffs

I like early Steve Vai for these discussions.

Two cool ones that are not usually mentioned in these threads.

Brian Eno Babys On Fire

Aphrodite’s Child Four Horsemen


Jeff Beck Group, Let Me Love You. Listen to it; it’s like writing Shakespeare using only one-syllable words. Best I’ve ever heard.

Too late to add:

ETA: Dude, you start a few Rock/guitar threads. You play? Remind me. If not; well, we need to correct that :wink:

In the meantime, listen to that track - it’s a Master Class that Steve Vai can’t touch - Beck’s approach trumps Vai’s technique every day - and Vai would be the first to agree with me - and Beck’s vibrato work on other tracks out-techs Vai anyway.

It sucks to not be Jeff Beck in a thread like this :wink:

some of my favorites

Brian Eno - St. Emo’s Fire - Robert Fripp on guitar
The Residents - Hey Good Lookin’ - Snakefinger on guitar
Zazen Boys - Weekend - Yoshikane Sou on guitar
凛として時雨 (Rin Toshite Shigure) - moment A rhythm - Toru Kitajima on guitar

As evidenced by this collection i dont usually look for flashy/virtuosic stuff but rather for unusual sounds/harmonies

Three from the jazz-rock field:
Frank Zappa on his “Willie The Pimp”
John McLaughlin on Miles Davis’ Right Off
Mike Bloomfield on the Butterfield Blues Band’s East-West

Eat this Jeff Beck:

I’d go for Aphrodite’s Child’s Aegian Sea from the same album ‘666’. (The guitar starts at 2:55.)

:wink: cool. Jimi is wonderful.

Anything by Rodrigo y Gabriella fits this description in my opinion, but I’m really partial to Triveni.

Just noticed from the youtube artist info that Vai’s playing in November a 5-minute-walk away from my home. Sadly I can’t afford the ticket at the moment, but maybe I’ll bump into him while getting groceries. (the venue is actually in the same building).

Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. I love watching these guys just fooling around.

Jason Becker playing Paganini’s 5th Caprice. That guy was better at playing guitar than I’ll ever be at anything.

SRV, “Leave My Girl Alone” The tone on his guitar on this version is so… mean!

I ran intothiswhile looking for another link on you tube and instantly fell in love with it.

Eric Johnson paying tribute to Jimi while adding his own style in at the end.

How about some John Cippolina? Try “Mona” or "Who Do You Love/When You Love! God, I loved Quicksilver!

Under the subheading of “Fast and cool but without any Passion” is Al di Meola playing with himself on “Splendido Sundance.” I can’t link from work, but a search of YouTube should turn up a performance or three.

And I totally forgot to add my original target link.

Gary Hoey’s La Rosa Negra which starts out as a mid tempo Latinesqe melody and then around 2:00 he builds it into a steaming solo with a tone that sits right on that sweet spot.

My favorite all-around guitar solo is:
Jeff Beck
Cause We Ended As Lovers

It’s a masterpiece of taste and technique.

It’s a tribute to Roy Buchannan, who can catch here.

Not a guitar player, and not really a fan of show-off/masturbatory solos (or white blues) - I just like stuff that sounds cool. Probably none of these are technically impressive, but here are some I like:

Celebrated Summer (I like the whole thing; the solo at 2:53 is my favorite part)

From the same band, just a simple riff that’s repeated throughout the song: Divide and Conquer

Doing a lot with very little: I love the tasteful 3-note “solo” here at 2:20: The Flowers of Guatemala

And similarly, these 4 seconds from George Harrison at 1:53 are perfect: Got To Get You Into My Life

I went off to Youtube to find my favorite guitar piece and found he has posted some new videos. I like this one: Spanish Harlem

My favorite is still Michael Chapdelaine – Come Together.

Chapdelaine shows why the classicall guitar has been called an orchestra in a box.