Cool little political quiz. Who do you side with?

Most of my answers were under the “choose another stance”

Looks like spam to me.

Regardless, I side 87% with Obama, then Jill (never heard of her, is that the Green Party?), 69% Ron Paul, 58% Romney. None of that was particularly surprising to me.

Here’s the actual quiz. I got 87% agreement with Gary Johnson. Not surprising since I’m a small-l libertarian, and that’s what his political rhetoric is. He is a big-L Libertarian though, so I don’t like the association. Don’t know who Jill Stein is, that was my second, but these are all pretty broad questions that don’t provide for the nuances of each issue, and I didn’t feel like adding my own stance.

88% with Jill “Who?” Stein, 82% with Obama, 70% Gary Johnson, 60% Ron Paul, 13% Mitt Romney.

87% Green Party
84% Barack Obama
27% Mitt Romney

Sounds accurate to me.

92% Barack Obama

75% Michigan voters

68% American voters

I liked that you had to give two dimensions to each question. There are definitely things I strongly agree with the sentiment but they aren’t that important in terms of who to vote for.

I was surprised by how high the Green and American Socialist candidate aligned with me.

Barack Obama and Jill Stein.

Jill Stein is the Green Party candidate for office and was endorsed by Chomsky.

That explains why nobody ever heard of her.

86% Gary Johnson
on domestic policy, foreign policy, healthcare, economic, and immigration issues.
75% Barack Obama
on social, science, environmental, and immigration issues.
75% Ron Paul
on domestic policy, foreign policy, healthcare, economic, and environmental issues.
66% Mitt Romney
on domestic policy, economic, healthcare, and environmental issues.
88% California Voters
on social, domestic policy, foreign policy, healthcare, economic, and immigration issues.
94% American Voters

Who and what sort of mutant is Virgil Goode that I only match him on 2%?
Wait, I only match Romney on 3%? That’s surprisingly low. I guess they went for maximizing contentious issues, which is fair.

87% Green Party, 84% Democrats, 13% Republicans.

80% Obama, 74% Stein, 54% Romney.

The Romney bit surprises the hell out of me. Says I agree with his domestic policy and domestic issues. I guess I’ll have look into just what his stance on these are; wasn’t aware they were anything other than the standard party line.

I agree with Romney on a lot of things around 50% of the time.

Nothing surprising, my top 2 candidates were from the Green and socialist parties.

87% who the hell is Jill Stein
83% Obama
79% who the hell is Stuart Alexander
27% Ron Paul (I need a shower)
4% Romney (where did I mess up?)
79% MI voters
72% US voters

I was surprised to see that I agree with 84% of american and pa voters.

Ohh I love these little quizzes! I got Ron Paul 86%, Gary Johnson 82%, Jill Stein 78%, Barack Obama 72%, and Mitt Romney 68%. Oh wait there’s more! Jimmy McMillan 60%, Virgil Goode 56%, and Stewart Alexander 52%. And now I’m off to google Virgil Goode and Stewart Alexander.

FWIW, here are my results: