Your political leanings

I got this link to a quiz from a colleague that asks a series of questions and based on the responses, determines which US political party one might identify with. Since it was raining too hard to go for my lunchtime walk, I took a shot at it and from my responses it was determined that I was a Democratic-Green-Socialist, with a bit (35%) of Libertarian. :dubious:

Anyway, a bit of fluff for anyone with 10 free minutes. I was reluctant to put this in the Elections forum, thinking that it was not very rigorous, so feel free to report it to a mod for a forum change or even outright deletion.

I didn’t answer all the questions, as a lot of it was stuff I didn’t have opinions about being British, but…logged me as Democratic, which makes sense.

Great surprise- I identify with Democrats and Greens, with Republicans being dead last on the list. Pretty good quiz, though I question the appropriateness of the last question- does favoring the dam because you like infrastructure projects make you a Democrat or does favoring McConnell’s pork nibble make you a Republican? I just don’t see that as a good indicator. Ditto for the space program.

Dam? The final question on mine was if I approved on Congress. There was no question about a dam. :confused:

Haven’t done one of these in a year or three, so what the hell:


88% - Dems
79% - Green(?)
56% - Libs
54% - Socialist
18% - Repubs

Presidential Race:

84% - Obama
24% - Mitt Romney

(I’m ignoring the others)

2012 Senate Race:

57% - Paul Sadler (D)
19% - Ted Cruz ®

Did you know…? 17 years ago I worked on the Steve Forbes (Presidential primary) and Newt Gingrich (Congress) election campaigns back in 1996. And now I’m testing 79% Green and 54% Socialist. Go figure.

OK, not sure if it was the last question, but there was a dam question. Or maybe I’m just a dam fool.

Green Party 89%

Democrats 88%

Socialist 66%

Libertarians 51%

Republican 18%

I left the “importance” sliders at the default position.

Wasn’t asked about any dams, so it appears that not everyone is getting the same questions.

95% Green, 87% Dem, not a surprise.

Democrat 93%, Green 79%, Socialist 66%.

No surprises.

Greens and Dems 91 & 90% respectively, on virtually all issues. Socialist 64% on social and healthcare issues, Libertarian 33% on foreign policy issues only. Republicans, 1%.

No big surprises for me either. I used to belong to the Greens before I realized how pointless it was.

I think it was the ‘question of the day’ which changes. I got the dam question :slight_smile:

I didn’t.


Green 97%
D 95%
Socialist 80%(???)
Libertarian 24%
R 21%

I have my doubts.

Democrats: 82%
Green Party: 73%
Libertarians: 59%
Republicans: 52%
Socialists: 52%

So, they gave me Republican for immigration even though I voted for temporary amnesty in the quiz - it’s just that unless we change the laws, I think we should enforce the laws that we have on the books.

Green 98%
Dems 95%
Socialist 86%
Libertarians 54%
Republicans 1%

I’m assuming that’s some kind of Platonic “ideal Libertarian” instead of the Libertarians who support the GOP/Tea Party.

Democrats 93%
Green 75%
Socialist 59%
Libertarian 16%
Republican 5%

I did “side with Republicans on most immigration and most foreign policy issues.”

Yup, those people aren’t libertarians. They can say they are, but they might as well be saying they’re the King of England for all the truth it has.

I got Dem 92%, Green 84%, Socialist 68%, Libertarian 20%, and Republican 2%. No real surprise, there.

Also unsurprisingly, I found that I was going for the “show more options” on most of them, and even so found many of them a bit lacking in nuance.

And my last question was an open-response “What is a question that should be asked of Ohioans?”, or something like that, so I suspect that the last question varies based on what state it detects you as being in, and they don’t have any good Ohio questions yet. I didn’t enter anything, because I think the most important question for Ohioans is “How should gerrymandering be fixed?”, which isn’t conducive to yes-or-no answers.

EDIT: Oh, and I’m also disappointed that the “show more options” under “Do you support the Affordable Care Act?” didn’t include an option for preferring Obamacare instead. By which I mean the plan that Obama actually wanted, the one with the public option.

I Got:

Democratic - 92%
Green - 92%
Socialist - 69% :cool:
Libertarian - 51%
Republican - 19%

I think the Republican one is a by-product of the way the questions are worded. So, do I think Illegal Immigrants deserve amnesty? No. But then I think immigration should be unlimited to this country, which is almost certainly not what the Republicans would stand for.

I did think it’s a little odd that I can be 90+% with the Dems and Greens and still be 50+% with the Libertarians. Or 70% with Socialists and 50% with Libertarians. That’s a lot of overlap for pretty different parties.

I know which party to register with after Wisconsin invades Canada.

Democrats 88 per cent
Green Party 88 per cent
Socialist 60 per cent
Libertarians 39 per cent
Republicans 6 per cent

Democrats 82%
on economic, domestic policy, social, environmental, science, and immigration issues

Green Party 73%
on social, environmental, science, and immigration issues

Socialist 53%
on science, environmental, and immigration issues

Libertarians 36%
on healthcare issues

Republicans 13%
no major issues :smiley: