Cool names for a floral business?

A friend of mine is opening a business as a florist, and she’s asked me to help come up with some hip, funky names for it. Any ideas?



Pistil Packin’ Mamas

Is That Your Final Anther

Petal to the Metal

Department of Floristry

Hey, Baby, Nice Stems

Want any more? I got a million of 'em.

To be honest, I don’t like hip, funky names for flower shops. A nice, straight-forward business name is sooo much better. Really!

Even other florists hate the hip, funky name trend, and, going on a personal testimonial here (my brother and his former co-workers, who obviously comprise a statistically valid sample size), would not place orders with them when looking through the FTD directory.

“Dis-embodied Plant Sex Organs”
[sub]no, really, always glad to help…[/sub]

Plagerized from Tales Of The City by Armistead Maupin:

Plant Parenthood

My own (original as far as I know) suggestions:

Vase Value

Petal Pushers

Bloomin’ Idiots

A Rose Is A Rose Is Arisen

Thorny Subjects

and my personal favorite idea:

Shop To Smell The Roses

Is his name Pete? It could be “Pistil Pete’s.”

Oh, sorry, it’s a woman.


Pollen Appeal! (Hey, it rolls off the tongue pretty well.)

“Dead Stuff as Livestyle Accessories”

Flower Outlet.

It’s subtle and generic-sounding enough that humorless people like xcheopis and her/his brother won’t get it. :slight_smile:

How about “[Your friend’s name]'s Bloom Room”?

Or maybe just “The Bloom Room”?

“By Any Other Name”

“Violets are Blue”

“Florence the Florist”

“Green Pastures”

“Crazy Charlie’s Big-Ass Jumbo Flower Emporium”

Oh, here’s another from a title of one of my favourite songs:

“Where the Wild Roses Grow”

“Sherwood Florist” was the name of the flower shop run by the Green Arrow’s girlfriend. Does that make it unuseable?

LaFern and Shirley’s

A bit VVC, since I was actualy for no reason at all thinking of this yesterday…

“Blssm” (make the 'o’s into flowers)

Or pick another flower-related term (for my sense of humor, I’d call a flower shop with the title ‘Bl**min’ Fl*wers’ just because I see it as a chore!).

The flower shop around the corner from me is called Avant Gardens. I always thought that was a cool name.

“Just how mad is she?”

**Some Enchanted Florist **

( I saw this on a florists van and just loved it.)

Flower Power

The Beauty Salon

The Clipping Joint

Daisy Mae’s

The Green Machine

Plants R Us

Flowers Now!