Cool optical illusions
…I feel sick…

There was some there that I haven’t seen before. Very cool.

I love those things! Thanks for posting!

Awesome! My eyes hurt.

Why are the snakes moving? They can’t be moving! MAKE IT STOP!

Swim head, swim.

Oh good, the same thing is happening to other people. I thought it was just a ‘bad reaction to one can of Bud Light’. Had to set the cursor and stare at it for awhile to make sure the monitor wasn’t moving. Too much.

Is anyone else having a problem getting the explanation files to open?

Whoa. Those are cool.

You think those’re cool? Have a few shots of Wild Turkey and then look at 'em again.


Cool stuff. Something to puke, er, post about on my livejournal, if nothing else…

Whoa… Snakes makes for a bitchin desktop wallpaper.

Same here. Youch. But cool!

Anonymous Coward, you’re gonna make that your desktop?? :eek:

I did that when I first came across it. After a few days I realized that I was avoiding looking at my monitor head-on because of it, and had to change it to something else.

It stayed on mine for all of 30 seconds.
However, Jason in the cubicle next to me is a little froggy today. And since I have the passwords to his computer… <evil chuckle>

Going to the other links on that page makes Firefox crash immediately, and once I used IE to go there, AVG told me I had a trojan downloader. I would do a scan on your temp file immediately, everyone.

Ah!!! My eyes! My eyes!

Hmmmm. I use both IE and AVG, and I got no such warning. Perhaps it was another window you had open causing the trojan alarm?

No problems here, either using IE 6.0 & Firefox 0.9.2. I’m also using Zone Alarm Pro and McAfee Security Center.

What amazes me is that somebody had to MAKE all of these things–first coming up with the idea, then spending hours in a paint program making it work. Or perhaps vice-versa.

There’s a great Audi ad that uses Escher-like impossible structures:

info here: