Cool relic from the 1939 International Exposition

I spotted this on a road trip last weekend: the Levi’s Puppet Rodeo Truck. It’s parked in a fenced lot near the town of Newcastle CA. From what I can tell, it was an attraction in Treasure Island’s “Vacationland” featuring animated cowboys sitting on a fence watching a bronco rider.

And if that isn’t cool enough,a little extra research leads me to believe that the truck is owned by Joe Bailon, a legend in Hot Rod circles for his restoration work and coming up with the color “candy apple red”. (according to Wikepedia, he grew up in town, and a street view of the address shows several “classic” cars parked where the Puppet Rodeo now sits)

Oh, that is sooooo cool! :slight_smile:

That looks really cool. Great find.

Coolio. Perhaps he’s gonna restore it. :slight_smile: