Cool Site!!!!!!!

Visit!!! You’re all invited.

“Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true” -Albert Einstein

Attempted SPAM - fortunately the link doesn’t work.

The link does work, and it doesn’t seem to be selling anything, though I don’t have the patience to see what exactly is going on. A little details might be nice, Alias (IF that’s your REAL NAME!)

Yer pal,

Attempted SPAM my ass!!! Just becuase I want people to see this doesn’t mean that I’m trying to make money. This is a site that has a little bit of my own fiction and stuff on it… geeez!!!
I’m not getting all shameless and promotional for any evil reason, I’m just trying to increase traffic so I can get feedback- both positive and negative- on my stuff, is that so wrong?!?!.

“Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true” -Albert Einstein

Billy Crystal: And now ladies and gentlemen, to present our next Oscar are two fine actors, Sylvester Stallone and Tom Arnold
Stallone: Self-promotion is defined by the dictionary as something, but it didn’t weigh enough so I saw no reason to pick it up and actually look.
Arnold: Please, somebody, hire me. I can be funny. Did you see True Lies? Comic side kick to a big tough guy? Sly? Please, my rent is due and Roseanne is withholding all support.
Stallone: Try Jean Claude Van Dam, I have a career to protect. And now, the nominees for Best Shameless Self-Promotion.
SDMBer Alias
George Lucas
Corey Feldman.

Stallone:And the winner is…
Arnold:Please let my write-in campaign work.
Stallone: SDMBer Alias for her random attempt to get everyone to go to her website. Congratulations.

Well, shut my mouth. It’s also illegal to put squirrels down your pants for the purposes of gambling.

What is wrong with posting a link to an interesting site? The site in question doesn’t seem to be selling anything. It just looks like a collection of stories. And who cares about a little self promotion? Again, nothing seems to be for sale, and nobody seems to making any money off of people clicking on the link (maybe I’m wrong about that). OpalCat has a link to her site. GuanoLad has a link to his comic series. Lots of other people have links to their sites. What’s the big deal with this one?

I have no problem with it myself. Just trying to interject a little humor into Alias’ life. She seemed to take the previous posts too seriously.

Took a quick look at it: I’ll have to check it out in detail later(I’m at work).

Seemed kind of interesting;I didn’t see anything for sale.

I’ll post a critique later when I have the time, if you’re still interested. :slight_smile:

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.

You guys, I wasn’t trying to do anything underhanded. I swear!!! Besides, this is MPSIMS and I didn’t think that there was a criteria for postings.
Seriously, if you don’t want to visit it, don’t go!!! You saw the topic of the thread, there was no catch or trick.
I’m not making money on my site, I’m just trying to generate feedback. That’s all. Please stop by the site and see for yourselves.

“Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true” -Albert Einstein

Alias, I stopped by your site. I liked it.

C’mon guys, cut Alias a little slack.

This space for rent.

But why is there a pic of Natalie Portman under “Sontia”?

In response to the pics of famous people on my site, here is my reason:
I’m not an artist and I don’t have a scanner. In order to illustrate the appearances of the characters, I just used whatever I could find. I think that’s easier than just describing their appearance in tedious detail. Strange, you didn’t mention anything about the pics of Uma Thurman, Bjork, or Kevin Kline…

“Man prefers to believe what he prefers to be true” -Albert Einstein