cool things to do in Philly

gettig ready for a short vacation.

any suggestions other than the art museum?

Don’t have addresses for any of these things – all should be available online. By the way, the new visitors’ center just opened. Go there and get all the info you need.

The Mutter Museum if you have a strong stomach (medical curiosities, deformed fetuses in jars, etc.)
The Franklin Institute
University of Pennsylvania Museum – lots of anthropologic artifacts, IIRC
The Academy of Natural Sciences
The Philadelphia Zoo – oldest zoo in the country.
Camden Aquarium in NJ, right across the river.
Check out Manyunk (yuppy, arty section of the city)
Chinatown for good food
Actually, everywhere for good food.
South Street for people-gawking (yes, some of them will make you gawk – still attracts the punk/boho types)
Independence Hall, if it’s open
The Liberty Bell
Come around New Year’s Day and see the Mummers’ Day Parade
a) a soft pretzel
b) a cheese steak
c) a Tastykake
Reading Terminal Market for all kinds of food.

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Reading Terminal Market! It’s a very old indoor farmer’s market near 12th & Filbert. It’s crammed to the gills with Philly history. However, unlike more traditional Philly attractions, it’s lots of fun, quite interesting, and you can obtain cheesesteaks (as well as any other foodstuff your heart desires) there.

South Street can be trashy good fun, at least the sections not commandeered by hordes of stoned teenagers or Starbucks.

Dang… took too long to compose a reply and you beat me to the punch, Chrome. grin… How about the Italian Market? There should still be stuff to do there, even if it’s freezing and everyone has barrel fires going.

Thanks chrome!

I am going on Sat, so I will miss the new years thing.

I will report back.

Longwood Gardens. It’s a bit out of the way, but worth it if you’re into plants.

If your into seeing capitalism and class disparity at it’s most tasteless, Atlantic City is only an hour away. :slight_smile:

There’s also Rittenhouse Square, and go up the Schuykill Expressway at night, and you will see the lit up Boathouse Row.

As you go north on the Surekill, you can drive up to Valley Forge National Historical Park to see the spot where Washington and his troopes almost froze to death.

There’s also New Hope, Bucks County- lots of little shops, and hey, if you happen to be a single gay or bisexual man, a pick up joint. If not, lots of craft shops your sig. other will enjoy. If you drive to Ivyland (near Warminster), you can save a lot of miles on your rental car by taking a little train to New Hope (certain hours only)

I was just at Longwood Gardens, last night. The christmas display is breathtaking. Please, anyone who gets a chance to visit Philadelphia, take the time and go out of your way to see Longwood Gardens. …here is a link to The Mutter Museum’ web site. I was there last week. Only go if you have a strong stomache.

Don’t miss the Philadelphia Art Museum or the Rodin Museum if you want to go the art route.

Also try:

Edgar Allan Poe House

Valley Forge National Park (one of my favorite places to escape to)

The Penn’s Landing Waterfront or across the river on the Camden side( Aquarium, U.S.S. New Jersey)

There is some wonderful shopping and great eateries in the Chestnut Hill area.

If you’re on South Street, stop at one of my favorite bars, Tattoo Mom’s. Also Monday night is half price margarita’s at the Copa Banna.

I heartily second these:

• Mutter Musaeum. I went there on an 8th-grade class trip and it still provides nightmare fodder.

• Franklin Institute. Be sure to walk through the giant throbbing heart!

• Boathouse Row, along the Schuykill River. Some of the boathouses are mid-19th century, and the c1800 waterworks there are also lovely.

Has anyone mentioned Elfreth’s Alley yet? The oldest continually inhabited street in the U.S.