what to see in Philadelphia?

I’m heading to Philadelphia for a week-long conference (good Ford, I love my internship) - what should I see? I’m not that interested in touristy stuff - but what’s a good place for cheap food? Good bookstore? Fun night-spots? (Bars, clubs, whatever).

I’m looking forward to this - San Francisco’s nice and all, but it’ll be good to be back on the correct coast.

Depending on when you go and if you like baseball, don’t pass up an opportunity to take in a game at Citizens Bank Park. I had SRO tickets last year for a Sox game and it was fantastic. Not a bad sightline in the place. Even the rooftop bleacher seats ($15) offer a great view of the game.

Are you at the convention center? A really cheap way to taste lots of different foods would be Reading Terminal Market at 12th and Filbert, very close by.

The convention center is also close to Philly’s Chinatown. If you like Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, and Malaysian food, there’s something there for you as well.

If you absolutely must have a cheesesteak but don’t want to make it the only object of an outing, you can probably skip Gino’s/Pat’s and head right to Jim’s on South Street. And see some of South Street and Headhouse Square while you’re at it.

I’m not much for clubbing, but I think the places you’d want to hit would be in Old City. There’s also http://fluidnightclub.com/ Fluid off of South Street. Fast Cheap and Out of Control is an amateur striptease night, lots of fun, might be some warmup by some professional ecdysiasts (yow!).

Sex Dwarf (www.djrobertdrake.com) for your 80’s revival dance party, and Making Time (http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/view.php?id=9620) is a big club event.

If you’re into punk and hardcore, there’s usually something at the Unitarian Church (http://www.r5productions.com/shows.html), and there’s the World Cafe (www.worldcafelive.com), a small venue right off the Schuylkill River.

don’t forget the mutter museum.

tut is in town as well.

are you with the nea crowd? goodness! there were hoards of them about today.

How old are you and what days are you in town? I can send you someplace non-touristy for dinner and get you some Soprano’s style family treatment, if you can go to dinner on the right night.

Reading Market and Chinatown are both nice places to get food. If you’re from SF, Chinatown might nto be that impressive, but for this Baltimoron, there’s some wacky-ass shit there.

The market is superb.

You’re saying non-touristy. I don’t know what you’d deem the Art Museum, but it is world class. THere might be somethign fit for adults at the Franklin Institute, but I don’t know.

If you’re into getting out of town, Longwood gardens is somewhat nearby.

The interstate. New York and Washington are both just a few hours away.

You should go see Eastern State Penitentiary, the first real ‘penitentiary’ in the United States – link.