Cool things you hope will happen in your lifetime

Someday I hope spaceflight will be cheep enough that I will be able to see the earth from orbit without needing to be a millionaire.

I hope gay people will be able to get married in every U.S. state.

An Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl win.

A manned landing on the Moon again OR on Mars for the first time.

A peaceful Palestinian state alongside Israel.

An inexpensive plentiful relatively clean energy alternative to fossil fuels
(perhaps wind-generated hydrogen cells?)

Some insight into the roots behind the UFO/“alien” phenomenon

Strong liberal (original meaning) democratic states developing in the MidEast

And of course, flying cars, personal jet packs, and ocean-floor cities.

The finding of a colonisable planet.

An operational base on the moon.

A verified positive contact of any form from an alien civilization.

The evolution of a world-changing genre of music like Jazz or Rock n’ Roll (yeah I know they’re related), but something that is revolutionary, not evolutionary. Maybe it will take the impact of the invention of a new instrument, like the electric guitar did for a lot of modern music.

Permanent peace in the Middle East.
Defeat of terrorism.
Cures for cancer, AIDS.
A non-polluting, inexpensive, practically inexhaustible source of energy.
Someone gives me a pony.

I, too, hope we find alien life. Even if we only find single cell life, I really hope I can witness our first glimpse of an alien ecology.

Plus, I’d love to go to space.

A cure for old age. I’m not so sure I want immortality but I would like the option of living to be say 125 with all my facilities intact and a painless death.

A method that allows you to lose weight without serious dieting.

A two pound bicycle that I can race on.

A human colony on an extrasolar planet (long shot, I know)
A KC Royals World Series Championship
Zombie attack

That I will have sex.

Real, sentient, artificial intelligence (but not in a Matrix or UNISOL kind of way).

Solutions to world hunger and global warming

and my perfect man.

I’d like to be able to get into my car and have it drive me where I want to go while I read or nap or whatever.

And a wetware interface to the internet would be great, experience it as a virtual world.

Another vote for cheap routine manned spaceflight and the beginnings of space colonization.

Finding life, even just microbes, on another planet.

A cure for old age (although I was disturbed to read accounts from as far back as the 1940s where people expected a cure for old age “any day now”.)

Economical fusion power. It would more or less guarantee that civilization won’t starve to death for lack of energy.

A Supreme Court ruling that yes, people do have a right to own guns.

The UFO thing. Double points if it were revealed that the US government has known about extraterrestrial visitations for decades.

A cloned dinosaur

Nanofiber mass-produced cheaply enough to replace structural steel.

A robot car that can drive itself to a given destination.

Virtual reality good enough to play Holodeck Doom.

I’d like a segway. The thread about cool parents made me envious of those who have them.

I would like the gay marriage as well. It doesn’t affect me personally, but I am a strong supporter of them getting that right.

A Mars colony would be pretty sweet, also.

Brendon Small

Sustained, controlled, efficient nuclear fusion

Ducted fan/jet VTOL vehicles available at the consumer level

The demise of totalitarian states/governments

The Grand Unified Theory

I’d like to see the USA settle down, get a good job, have a couple kids, and tie into gardening or maybe building sailboats in bottles, ya know?

We have peaceful and uneventful (in the dangerous, taking over the world sense) contact with “aliens”.

I would like to see anti-gravity machines of some sort.

I would like to see time travel become possible for a select few who could handle it.

I would like to see G.W. Bush get out of office.

I would like to a girl I have wanted for years, in my bed sometime in my lifetime.