Copa America 2024


Crazy match! I was rooting for Colombia (or rather rooting against Uruguay and their biter-in-chief) and holy shit what a second half! I cannot believe Colombia didn’t get one of those breakaways in the net.

Uruguayan players fighting hand to hand with Colombian fans, let’s see your euro beat that!

Canada goes out with their heads high, they’ve saved CONCACAFs honor.
Uruguay gets a deserved 3rd place.

Canada played very well. A shame they couldn’t hang on at the end.

Still, this will do wonders for Marsch and Canadian confidence at the World Cup. Really, to play about as well as Uruguay is such a positive step, very few people would have predicted this before the Copa.

Was there any explanation for why the Canadian goalie was yellow-carded on that penalty kick? That was something I have definitely never seen before.

He either left his designated position or said something. In any case I think it was for being unsportsmanlike. But that’s a guess.