Copper ball claims

I won’t provide a link to it(if you wish to look for it, it is called the “Trance Metals Solid Ooligodynamic Copper Sphere”), but there are adverts on Facebook and elsewhere for a 99.9% pure 1 kilogram copper ball that claim that merely holding the ball will kill germs. Is this fact, or fiction?

Copper does have antimicrobial properties and has been used for that purpose for a very long time. I don’t know how effective juggling a copper ball would be, but the underlying claim is not woo.

I’m gonna WAG it’s fake.
I have no real knowledge of it or a cite.
But that copper bracelet and those copper infused socks and sportswear are fake.

Even the stupid copper skillet doesn’t work. I ordered that and it’s junk.

Copper is new fun thing to add to anything these companies think. I even saw copper infused dog collars.

It is true that bacteria do not grow on copper doorknobs, but they do flourish on your hand. Even if holding a ball tightly for a couple of hours did affect them slightly, it would be much faster, as well as actually effective, to just wash your hands and maybe use some alcohol or chlorhexidine afterwards.

There’s a pretty extensive Wikipedia article summarizing the research on the antimicrobial properties of metallic copper surfaces. This is more with a view to using copper alloys instead of (say) stainless steel for work surfaces in the healthcare industry.

So if you hold a 1kg copper ball for an hour, no doubt it will kill some germs on your hands; but I’d wager 30 seconds washing your hands with soap and water is more effective. Likewise, dropping a 1kg copper ball on a mouse would probably kill it with a direct hit; but a mousetrap is probably a more reliable method.

Copper salt solutions are also commonly used as a fungicide, copper solutions are officially “organic”, for what little that’s worth. Copper is much more toxic to bacteria and fungi than to plants or animals.

I saw some copper electrical cables and they work great…

I have seen copper hull paint (in the old days they just used solid copper plates) but those may be banned by now, not sure.

So, spending $149 on $6.44 worth of copper might not be a cost effective way to kill germs?

And now the sea is full of germs again.

Wait, so the copper can be used for both microscopic AND macroscopic pests?

With no need for the “99.9% pure” copper in the OP.

Somewhat off topic, but a 1kg sphere of copper would have a volume of about 120 cubic cm, and a diameter of about 6.2 cm, 2.5".
If cheap enough it could be fairly satisfying to hold. Better buy some Brasso too though. Pure Copper tarnishes pretty quickly.

Unless it’s Mighty Mouse. Then you’ll find yourself with a cartoonishly perfect hole through your body.

People who believe holding a copper ball is an effective germ-killer have already lost 99.9% of their functioning neurons.

Holding an orb, on the other hand, works great.

I’ve been interested in this topic for some time, and the evidence does seem clear to me that copper kills germs. It’s just not that powerful a method compared to hand washing, sanitizers, and the like.

Now, if door knobs and other public handles play a role in disease transmission, making them of copper probably would prevent some cases. Until people stole them, that is.

Brass and bronze are the preferred metals for door hardware in situations like that, since they’re still mostly copper (66% for brass and 88% for bronze generally). Of course to have antimicrobial properties they need to remain un-lacquered, so no “lifetime finish.” The statistic I heard is that these materials can self-sterilize in about eight minutes. That’s pretty good, but not compared to hand sanitizer, bleach, or Lysol.

Well, somebody had to roll all that copper into a ball. That’s gotta be worth something. Right? Plus shipping and handling.

It’s good to know that the supers have something to do while in hiding.

IIRC that the rise in cases of Legionnaire’s disease correlated with when air conditioning units changed from making their evaporator coils from copper/brass to aluminum. Aluminum is inert on the surface so the damp environment let bacteria grow, where the old copper/brass coils would inhibit them.

Here is an interesting related article.

Relevant excerpt: “I do feel obligated to point out at this point that wearing copper bracelets or other jewelry is of no benefit. This is pseudoscience and has nothing to do with the legitimate antimicrobial properties of copper.”

So, if you spend $$$ to retrofit your home, replacing countertops and other surfaces with copper, you’d likely reduce bacterial and viral counts on those surfaces.
Carrying around a copper ball will be effective only in enriching scamsters, not in preventing disease.