Copy Machine Engineering Question

Hey All,

A co-worker and I were discussing the new photo copier we are having installed in our building. As we noticed that the new copier has a lower profile than the existing copier we came up with the theory that it would be easier for people to copy their butts. This led to this question.

What do photocopier engineers use to determine the strength of the glass?

Do they figure out that it has to support a 160-250 pound person? Is there a ‘biggest book’ standard that is used?

Is it even glass? Is it some sort of plastic or quartz or something?

What’s the straight dope?

I think you’re way off here. I don’t think the engineers have that in mind when designing the specs for the glass.

There was an SNL sketch about this. The copy machine was called the ASS-9000 or something and was specifically designed to handle ‘even the biggest ass’…

If you plan on copying your butt, and the subsequent broken glass zaps your ass, just think of the story you can enjoy telling the emergency room crew. :eek: