Copy your posts to the clipboard!

I was going to put this in ATMB, but I thought it would reach a wider audience here.

It breaks my heart when someone starts out their post with, “Argh! I had a long, carefully worded, well-thought-out post, but the hamsters ate it.” Before you hit submit or preview, copy your post to the clipboard.

(Of course, this doesn’t help when my computer abruptly decides to go to the homepage while I’m still composing. But otherwise, I’ve saved a lot of posts that way.)

I;ve always done it, for the reason that an internet SMS website I used usually flakes out and not sends the SMS, and I have to do it again. CTRL V send is much less annoying.
That said, it’s getting to the point where I think “oh yeah, I have to save this Word document” and press CTRL A CTRL C CTRL C…

Oops. Dur. CRTL S

I do this all the time, in case the server times out (again), or some such thing. I’ve never lost a post, though, so I’m not sure how “the hamsters ate it” for some people. But just in case, if it’s a lengthy post, before I hit Submit, I copy my post to the clipboard.

I always figured that was SDMBese for “I got nuthin’.”