CoQ10...for people

Any one using it?

What are your results?
Your opinions on it?

Are the branded ones better?

Well, according to a quick Google, it’s supposed to help turn food into energy.

Not getting enough Calories?

Never enough. I’m a starving victim of something or other.

I could probably use it for the vitamin jolt but doc won’t let me take it.

I’m actually asking for someone with bad bad bad joint pain in their lower limbs.
Saw Tony Hawk, hawking some and wondered if it was worth looking into.

My wife & I each take CoQ10 which we get at Costco. My mother swore by it for “heart health”. She lived to be 98. No clue if that had anything to do with it, but obviously it didn’t hurt.

My PCP recommended it as: “Can’t hurt, might help, it’s cheap.” Supposedly makes up for some age-related loss of ability to extract useful components (not necessarily calories) from food being digested.

FWIW, I’ve been on and off it a couple times for a year or more each. I currently take it. Zero difference I can tell, but it might be doing something at the margins that isn’t obvious. Which is always the argument for more vitamins / supplements, until you’re eating one of everything in a vitamin store. :crazy_face:

As to brands …

Background on regulation:
The entire vitamin / supplement business is almost entirely unregulated. As in they could deliberately put grass clippings in a capsule and label it CoQ10 or vitamin K or fish oil or whatever and there’s essentially no agency to stop them. It’s illegal to fake the contents analysis, but there is substantially zero enforcement until the pills start killing people. So lying on the analysis is rampant.

There are also substantially zero enforceable standards for quality control. Maybe today’s batch is just like yesterday’s, and maybe it’s not. Maybe all the pills in a bottle have nearly the same concentration of active ingredient(s), and maybe they don’t. As the real (i.e. regulated) drug manufacturers can attest, high quality and consistency in production is a very expensive undertaking. Much cheaper to skip all that if nobody is looking. And as to vits / supps, nobody is looking.

All of which is a separate question from whether any vit/supp does anything useful. The vendors are under no obligation to prove any of them do anything. As long as they’re careful to make only vague claims about “May be helpful to health” they’re in the clear. Which we all probably ought to read as “Probably won’t harm you … much; at least not right away.”

Conclusion as to any vit / supp including CoQ10 …
It’s a decent bet the cheapest no-name source you can find is crap running a long con. It’s a decent bet that whichever brand is “trending” on social media right now is hyped crap running a short con.

IMO the companies that make a wide range of vits / supps and have an established reputation and/or a chain of brick and mortar stores are the ones with a reputation to lose (and assets to seize) if they do get caught selling grass clippings as e.g. CoQ10.

My bottom line:
I take 3 vits & 3 supps every day. One of which is (currently) CoQ10. Do I think any/all of them help? Eh, maybe. Are they all made by (or at least sold by) established name brand vendors with something to lose? Yep. I might be being conned, but I’m not stupid.

IMO/YMMV. I wanted to say IME too, but I really can’t establish what my experience is. “Eh, maybe” is not much of a conclusion.

This is why I’m skeptical as Fuck about this stuff. Dust in caplets. Pay a celebrity to push it (My kid famously said, “Shut Up Tony Hawk! You used to be Cool!”) because there ain’t no overhead in bogus junk. Pure profit for selling worthless crap.

But I sincerely appreciate the thought, Sweetie.

I have a theory. If it costs less than $20. Has been taken by a significant amount of people (and used for animals as CoQ10 has)
Many many testimonials to read. For enough time.
And no great serious danger to life has been noted.
I might try it for one round.

We know fish oil is healthy for a person. How much it helps individuals is subjective.
I don’t think it can cure, but maybe relieve.
That’s all most people want. Just some simple relief.

I take plenty of supplements. I can’t eat enough to get all I need from food. I have to take them just to replace what I can’t get in other ways.

What if you’re simply low to a dangerous level and you take CoQ10 for awhile, to get back up to a normal range then you change your diet to maintain?
Seems plausible to me.

Can you take it with Beer? :thinking:

Oh, hell yeah.

Intensifies the effect (IAOAD, so don’t believe me YMMV😉).