Cordless hand-held vacuum recommendations

Any recommendations for a solid hand-held cordless vac to clean the car and have enough power and battery life to do a thorough job? The latest one (DustBuster) crapped out after a few uses.

If you expect to use a hand-held cordless vac as the sole vac for an entire car, then yeah, I suspect you WILL be disappointed.

I have never heard of a commercial-grade “Dust Buster” or “Dirt Devil” - look at the names of these things - they are not called “Detail Wizard”.

Get a plug-in with lots of attachments and park it in the garage. If the kid spills peanuts in the foot well, use the cordless. Otherwise, remove carpets/mats, clean them, sweep the area around and under, then re-install carpets/mats.

:slight_smile: I’m just talking vacuuming the carpets and seats. It takes less than two rounds of the five-minute industrial machines at the car wash so I am thinking the Dyson 15-minute-charge one would be enough. But I was hoping for similar results from something less than $200!

I’ve been very happy with the Dyson. I think we got it at CostCo for less than $200. Other cordless, not so much…

The industrial machines at the car wash are, basically, AC powered shop vacs. I doubt a battery-powered vacuum is going be as good. But look at this Dewalt vacuum. It’s about $115 at Home Depot.

Ryobi cordless vacs get good reviews.

I have a slightly older version of this one and it’s done everything I could ask of a handheld. Still going strong after about five years although it doesn’t hold a charge quite as well.

There’s also a more powerful version for a little more.

Dyson products are among the poorest consumer values in the marketplace. IMVHO&E.

We have this one.

It works very well, but has a fairly small waste container. It’s also loud, but I guess that’s what you get with such a powerful device.

Hmm…having dropped a gallon of milk in the garage that time, I can see the appeal of this one!

Thanks everyone for the info.

I bought the Makita cordless vacuum for small clean ups at work because I already have a bunch of Makita tools and batteries. It is a great little unit and surprisingly powerful. I bought it at a tool store and they told me they are having trouble keeping them stocked. Don’t know if it is even available at big box stores. Mine came tool only.

This is the one I ended up going for, for my father for Christmas. Luckily I noticed where it said “Tool only” so now I have the 20V charger and 20V Lithium Ion battery in case I branch out into other DeWalt cordless. I had had the 18V kind in the past.